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Who We Are In Christ

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From the Canadian Author of What Jesus Really Said comes Dan Gold's second book, Who We Are In Christ. 

From the Author:

Certainly, the life of every believer can be a hard one as we struggle against the world and flesh and Devil that seeks to undermine the upright life that is sown in us by our faith in Jesus Christ. 

However, a better understanding of our born-again nature and the promises that God has given us can help us be the light that we ought to be in this broken and fallen world. 

Paul and Peter and the other apostles were given great insight into these matters and this short book references and personalizes most of them.

Through reading and re-reading this book under the guidance of the Holy Spirit every believer will come to a greater realization and strengthening of who we are in Christ and what a great gift God has given us through faith in Jesus.

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