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The Story of Mary - Mother of Love

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From the Canadian author E. Mary Christie, comes The Story of Mary - Mother of Love.

"May this tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary, fire your imagination, dear Reader, so that you may more readily become caught up in the magic of those Joyful and Glorious Mysteries to be marveled at - or share in the more emotional moments of those Sorrowful Mysteries surrounding the Passion, Crucifixion, and Death of our loving Saviour, thereby encouraging you to meditation and a desire for contemplative prayer, and inspiring you to a deeper spiritual devotion."

"The Christian story is a holy story. It invites fascination and awe, and thus has been told and retold countless times. As long as there will be human beings yearning for redeeming love, its fascination will not fade but perdure. And, as long as people of goodwill are contemplating the grandeur of God become one of us, this Good News will be a truly awe-inspiring message. Who better than Mary to lead us into the depth of these fascinating and awesome mysteries? E. Mary Christie, drawing on biblical and apocryphal sources, matured in personal meditation and reflection, tells us the story of this great woman whose one and only purpose in life was and still is, to lead us to her Son. Indeed, "The Story of Mary, Mother of Love" is a contemplative narrative pondering the life of the Mother of Jesus Christ with both genuine fascination and awe."
- Rev. Johann G. Roten, SM Director
The Marian Library/International
Marian Research Institute
University of Dayton

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