Communion, I Am the Bread of Life Banner

Display this banner in the classroom, school or Sanctuary for Holy Thursday during the Lenten Season, and during First Communion.

Can be easily assembled on standard banner stand, stand not included.

Banners intended for indoor use.

Material: White Microfiber Polyester

Size: 2-1/2 x 5' H

Item Code: 20476

$ 49.99 CDN

Stations of the Cross - Classroom Set

This Stations of the Cross set is ideal for the classroom or for those who home school. Made of cardstock, each Station measures 8" x 10" so they can be framed or hung as they are. Beautiful rich colours make the Passion come alive. The Station number and name are along the bottom of each.

Item Code: 60043

$ 7.95 CDN

Ten Commandments Poster Set

This set consists of 10 - 8" x 10" posters, each one dedicated to one of the Ten Commandments. The illustrations are beautiful, rich in colour, and classic in their images. Perfect for teachers, home schools, catechism classes, and play rooms. The images are sure to engage children and help them remember the Commandments.

Item Code: 50560

$ 21.65 CDN

Hail Mary Poster Set (9 Posters)

This set of 9 posters are perfect for home or classroom and are framing-quality prints. Each of the 9 posters touch on an aspect of the beautiful Hail Mary prayer. Each poster measures 8" x 10".

Item Code: 50725

$ 19.62 CDN

Seven Sacraments Poster Set

This set of 10" x 8" posters were made in Italy so the colour images are suitable for framing or hanging as-is.

Item Code: 50934

$ 15.55 CDN

Apostle's Creed Poster Set

Teach children the Apostle's Creed through the use of these Italian-made posters. Each poster is 10" x 8" and the colour images lend themselves to framing, if you like. The traditional images will inspire all who see them!

Item Code: 50935

$ 19.62 CDN

The Lord's Prayer Poster Set

Use these beautiful colour images to help teach the Lord's Prayer! The set consists of 10 posters with the relevant part of the Lord's Prayer written at the bottom. The posters are 10" x 8" and printed in Italy so are suitable for mounting and/or framing.

Item Code: 51027

$ 21.65 CDN

Stations of the Cross Poster Set

Italian lithographs are done in rich colours in this 6" x 8" poster set. Perfect for classroom, home, and church use.

Item Code: 51159

$ 18.95 CDN

Mysteries of the Rosary Poster Set

This set of 8" x 10" posters are sure to capture the eye and imagination of children and young people. The images are captured in rich colour and life-like images. The mystery is provided beneath each picture.

Item Code: 51413

$ 12.95 CDN

Confirmation Banner - 3' x 6'

This banner is great for your church or classroom. Nice colours, beautiful images, and great price!

Item Code: 30284

$ 21.95 CDN

3D Pop-Up Crucifixion Scene

You won't be out-of-pocket for this beautifully illustrated scene of Christ's crucifixion. Made of cardstock, it opens up by folding it and placing the images on the base. Comes with assembly instructions. The colours and images are very beautiful. Measures just over 5" tall when assembled.

Regular price: $1.25

Item Code: 60041

$ 0.75 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Stand-Up

This light-weight cardboard stand-up is a great teaching aid or a reminder of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Insert one of the gifts in the base as they are taught. Provides a great visual that aids the memory!

Item Code: 30255

$ 0.75 CDN

Holy Week Cut-Outs

This set of 6 Holy Week themed cut-outs are ideally suited to school, Catechism classes, and home. The colourful images will help the young ones learn the special events of Holy Week.

Item Code: 60053

$ 8.95 CDN

100 Activities Based on the Catechism

Occasionally in preparing a lesson, a religion teacher needs an extra activity - a short worksheet or a more involved classroom exercise - to convey a message of faith or point of doctrine. This book was created to help teachers meet these needs. Designed as a supplement for any Catholic catechetical program, it draws its format and content from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The activities in this book are numbered 1 through 100 and are arranged into three skill levels: primary (grades 1-3), intermediate (grades 3-5), and advanced (grades 6-8). Each activity is self-contained and reproducible for classroom use. Few additional materials are required, though student Bibles are often helpful.

Regular price: $19.95

Item Code: 50062

$ 14.95 CDN

Faith Facts for Lent & Easter

This set of slightly-laminated cards fan out for easy access. Each card has 3 levels of questions about Lent or Easter. It's a great way to learn and prepare for Easter for young and old alike. Why not turn it into a game and score points for correct answers? Here is a sampling of the questions...When does the season of Lent officially end? At the Mass, what prayer begins the Communion Rite on Good Friday? What major feast do we celebrate near the end of the Easter season? What can happen when we fast?

Item Code: 60012

$ 13.95 CDN

Lent & Easter in the Domestic Church

Part of the "Activities to Celebrate Catholic Liturgical Seasons" series, this spiral-bound book features activities and learnings on Lent and Easter for home or school use. It includes a wide range of activities for this holy season and includes lessons on fasting, having a family altar, recipes for Shrove Tuesday, readings for each day of Lent, a guide for confession, stations of the cross, and colouring pages. It also includes Marian prayers and activites for other feast days such as St. Patrick's Day. It's full of information and activities for every family! 100 pages.

Regular price: $18.95

Item Code: 60039

$ 13.95 CDN

Standing Up to Peer Pressure (Elf-Help)

Standing Up to Peer Pressure: A Guide to Being True to You is from Elf-Help books. Wanting to be accepted by peers is a natural part of children's social development yet, children can be overly influenced by what "friends" think of them or urge them to do. Through simple language and engaging illustrations, this book explains the concept of peer pressure. It encourages a solid sense of self-identity and teaches kids how to stand up for themselves and their convictions by saying "No". Paperback; 32 pages. For ages 4 to 8.

Item Code: 10368

$ 8.45 CDN

Catholic Handbook for Middle Schoolers

Whether middle schoolers encounter this book as part of the Catholic Connections program in faith formation or pick it up out of curiosity, The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers offers great guidance and helps young teens learn about all the central aspects of the Catholic faith, including God, revelation, faith, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, liturgy and sacraments, Christian morality and justice, and prayer. The book contains many special features and sidebars, including suggestions for putting faith into action, short, inspiring prayers, and additional information about selected topics. Includes 22 4-color illustrations, articles that show the relationship between Catholic beliefs and worship, insights from history, a collection of prayers, a glossary of key words, and a brief summary of Catholic beliefs and practices. Larger print; soft cover; 608 pages.

Item Code: 20709

$ 37.95 CDN

Liturgical Calendar Activity Book

An activity book for children that engages the whole family in preparing to celebrate the liturgical season of the church year. Includes an 11" x 17" pull-out calendar that children can color and display. Ages 7-11. From Paulist Press.

Item Code: 10594

$ 10.95 CDN

Life of Jesus Stickers

This package of 54 stickers provides 6 sheets of 9 different images. The images are in full colour and appeal to a wide range of ages as the images are not cartoon-like. The 9 images cover some of the miracles He performed and include a crucifixion scene. From Faith That Sticks, use these stickers as teaching opportunities, rewards, and crafts. From Faith That Sticks.

Item Code: 90265

$ 3.50 CDN

100 Day Stickers

Mark the 100th day with this roll of stickers. There are 100 stickers on the roll with five different full colour images. Great for crafts and classrooms, the stickers are 1-1/2".

Item Code: 90270

$ 3.95 CDN

Armor of God Stickers

You'll have a lot of opportunities to use these Armor of God stickers from Faith that Sticks. Each sheet contains 9 stickers. Packages contains 6 sheets.

Item Code: 20828

$ 3.95 CDN

Easter Egg Stickers

Colourful egg-shaped stickers convey the true messages of Easter! Each sheet has 12 eggs and there are 6 sheets per package. Great to tuck into Easter baskets or for Good Friday activities with the children.

Item Code: 60067

$ 3.95 CDN