Infant of Prague Pocket Statue Set

This set comes in a clear plastic 3" x 3" pouch. The set consists of a statue of the Infant of Prague and a lovely gold-stamped prayer card as shown in the photo. The statue measures 1-3/4" x 1". The statue and prayer card fit nicely inside the pouch.

Item Code: 50646

$ 5.95 CDN

Jesus with Lamb Statue

In the quality of all the statues from Joseph Studio, this statue is no exception. The 10" resin-stone mix statue has a rustic, realistic look of Jesus holding a lamb in his arms.

Item Code: 40413

$ 44.95 CDN

Our Lady of Grace Statue

This Customer Favourite is Back in Stock!

Everyone will benefit from this lovely statue of Our Lady of Grace! It is our best-selling statue of Our Lady and for good reason! This classic image of Mary is perfect for any location in the home, school, or church and, at 10" high, will fit anywhere. Made with the exquisite detail that the Joseph Studio is known for. Made of a resin-stone mix and measures 10.25"H x 4.25"W x 2.5"D.

Item Code: 40051

$ 58.56 CDN

Our Lady of Lourdes Statue (4")

Although this diminutive statue only measures 4" in height, it has the detail of a larger statue. The colours are warm and the facial details are engaging. Simple and beautiful, there are so many places to use this wonderful statue of Our Lady.

Item Code: 40133

$ 21.46 CDN

Our Lady of Lourdes Statue

This 8" statue of Our Lady of Lourdes is part of the Luciana Collection. Our Lady stands on a base with a brass-coloured sticker on the front indicating the name and collection. Simple, elegant, and nicely coloured.

Item Code: 40434

$ 16.95 CDN

Our Lady of Fatima (12")

This beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima is from the Renaissance Collection so the colours are soft and gentle but clear. Surrounding Our Lady are the children and a small lamb who looks soft enough to touch. At 12" in height, this is a sizable statue with beautiful detail. Made of a resin-stone mix.

Item Code: 40344

$ 85.95 CDN

Our Lady of Fatima 12" Statue

Celebrate this special anniversary of Fatima with this 12" statue of Our Lady of Fatima. From the Luciana Series of statues, the image is beautifully coloured and life-like. The wooden base provides a secure footing.

Item Code: 40448

$ 32.95 CDN

Mary Undoer of Knots

This 10" statue of Mary Undoer of Knots is from the beautiful Renaissance Collection of statues. The rich colour and life-like features make this a real treasure. Made of a resin-stone mix.

Item Code: 40437

$ 45.95 CDN

Immaculate Heart Statue (6")

This statue of the Immaculate Heart is from the Joseph Studio Renaissance Collection and measures 6" in height and shows all of the detail that Joseph Studio is known for. Made of a resin-stone mix.

Item Code: 40199

$ 24.95 CDN

Our Lady of Knock Statue

This beautiful statue of Our Lady of Knock is part of the Florentine Collection of statues. This one is 8" in height and sits on a heavy wooden base with a brass plaque on the front. The detailing in her simple gown is perfect.

Item Code: 40431

$ 32.95 CDN

Madonna & Child with Lamb (4")

This statue has all the exquisite detail of a larger statue but, at only 4" in height, it can fit just about anywhere and suits any occasion. From Joseph Studios, this would make a beautiful Baptism gift.

Item Code: 40322

$ 15.95 CDN

A Child's Touch Statue

Joseph's Studio figures focus on inspirational figures in a Renaissance style and this lovely statue is no exception. At 10" tall, it shows a child reaching up to touch his mother's cheek. Beautiful image in rich hand-painted colours. Great for Marian devotions and as a Baptism gift or for a new mother.

Item Code: 40371

$ 43.95 CDN

Adoring Madonna & Child Musical Figurine

The Ave Maria Collection celebrates Mary, the Mother of Jesus. From Jesus' birth to crucifixion, Mary's character illustrated devotion, mercy, compassion and deep love. The Ave Maria Collection expresses these sentiments in exquisitely sculptured figurines. Each inspired piece in the collection is artfully designed as a depiction of Mary's beauty and grace.

Figurine plays "Ave Maria" and arrives gift boxed.

Material: Resin

Size: 8 1/2" H

Item Code: 40476

$ 49.15 CDN

St. Joseph the Worker Statue

Customer favourite!

This beautiful statue of St. Joseph the Worker measures 10" in height. From the Renaissance Collection of Joseph Studios, this statue shows all the quality that this collection is known for. The colours and the image are so life-like that it is sure to inspire your prayer life. Here's an opportunity to get a beautiful and sizable statue of St. Joseph at a great price!

Item Code: 40211

$ 60.43 CDN

The Carpenter's Apprentice

Part of the Renaissance Collection of Joseph Studio, this beautiful statue shows Jesus playing at the feet of St. Joseph. What a beautiful image for family life! At just under 13", it's sure to make a long-lasting impression on all ages. The colours and images evoke a peaceful family life.

Item Code: 40458

$ 92.95 CDN

St. Joseph Pocket Statue

This diminutive statue of St. Joseph is part of Angelstar's Amazing Saints Collection. The detailing on this 1" metal statue is excellent given its size. St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor and one should be without his protection. Comes packaged as shown in the photo.

Item Code: 51418

$ 2.95 CDN

Holy Family Statue (6")

This plastic statue of the Holy Family has rich colour and nice detail and is perfect for a household with children. Measures 6" in height.

Item Code: 40193

$ 8.95 CDN

Holy Family Statue

From the Toscana Collection and Avalon Gallery, this 8" status of the Holy Family is created in rich colour and realistic design. This life-like statue will find a place just about anywhere!

Item Code: 40424

$ 57.10 CDN

St. Paul Statue (10-1/2")

From Roman Studios, this is a sizable and wonderfully detailed statue of St. Paul. At 10-1/2" tall, he holds a book and sword. His beard and robes appear very life-like and the colours are realistic.

Item Code: 40370

$ 46.95 CDN

St. Nicholas Statue

From the Renaissance Collection of Joseph Studios, this 6-1/4" statue of St. Nicholas has lovely detail and rich colour. Great Christmas gift, too!

Item Code: 40378

$ 24.95 CDN

St. Francis (12")

From the Bareggio Series, this is a lovely and sizable statue of St. Francis with the birds. Measuring 12" in height and made in Italy, it sits on a nice base for a beautiful display. Great price for a statue of this size.

Item Code: 40225

$ 32.95 CDN

St. Patrick (The Bellavista Collection)

From the Bellavista Collection of Milagros, this statue of St. Patrick may only be 4" in height but has amazing detail and colour! The colours are rich and classic. Comes in a beautiful gift box that features a biography of St. Patrick on the back and a prayer to the saint on the front.

Item Code: 40244

$ 13.95 CDN

St. Martha

This statue of St. Martha is substantial as it measures 12" in height and sits atop a wooden base. She serves as a great reminder of priorities while in the midst of day-to-day tasks. From the Luciana Series, the status has rich colours and detail.

Item Code: 40181

$ 23.95 CDN

Saint John XXIII

This is a nicely coloured resin-wood status of John XXIII in a classic pose. At 8" in height, it's a great devotional for home, office, school, or church.

Item Code: 40373

$ 22.95 CDN

St. Anthony Statue

See the classic image of St. Anthony in this beautifully detailed statues. Although it measures only 6 1/4" in height, the detail and clarity match those of larger statues.

Item Code: 40137

$ 29.72 CDN

St. Kateri Statue (4")

One of our newest Saints, Saint Kateri is a great inspiration for all! Measuring 4" in height, the statue is perfect for introducing young people to a devotion of saints. Included is a prayer card to the Saint. The statue is beautifully boxed with a biography of Saint Kateri on the back.

Item Code: 40256

$ 10.95 CDN

Porcelain Guardian Angel Statue

Measuring 9" in height, this colourful figurine depicts the traditional image of the Guardian Angel and children. Made of porcelain, the colours and detail will engage the imagination.

Item Code: 10252

$ 22.95 CDN

Pieta Holy Water Font

Combine a statue and Holy Water in this beautiful font. Use Holy Water to bless yourself and your family as you enter and leave home, and before bedtime. This white colour of this figure suits any home. The bowl is classically decorated. Made of resin; 9-1/2" high.

Item Code: 40461

$ 34.95 CDN

Sorrowful Mother Holy Water Font

This Holy Water font features colour images of the Holy Mother at the cross of Christ, her Son. Few images evoke as much prayer and thought as this one. Made of resin; 6-3/4" high.

Item Code: 40463

$ 23.95 CDN

The Last Supper

From the Renaissance Collection, this is a stunning image of the Last Supper. The realistic colours draw you into the scene. The cloth on the table even appears to move! Measures 11" x 4-1/2".

Item Code: 40341

$ 73.95 CDN

Madonna & Child Frame

This pretty frame has a unique shape and is adorned with lilies and a Madonna and Child. There are so many uses for this frame....a great gift for a new baby, new Mom, or to hold an image of Our Lady. The resin frame is 6-1/2" in height.

Item Code: 10547

$ 17.95 CDN

St. Joseph Arched Devotional

Encourage a devotion to St. Joseph with this devotional. With the look of stained glass, one side has a prayer to Saint Joseph and, on the facing side, is a colour image of the Saint with the Child Jesus, all framed in a bronze-coloured plastic edging. Measures 7" x 4-1/2".

Item Code: 40366

$ 3.95 CDN

Blessed Mother/Memorare Plaque

This lovely tabletop plaque is perfect for a young person as the artwork has a contemporary look. One side features a colour image of the Immaculate Heart and a prayer. On the reverse, you'll find the Memorare printed. This would make a lovely Confirmation gift, too. 4" x 4" x 1". MDF.

Item Code: 51225

$ 9.95 CDN

Virgin in Adoration Plaque

This gorgeous colour plaque pairs an image of the Virgin Mary in prayer with a textured tile surface. This finely detailed plaque can be hung on the wall. From Marco Sevelli and Sacred Traditions, this plaque measures 8" x 10" and is made of polyresin.

Item Code: 40445

$ 32.95 CDN

Good Shepherd Relief

This wall plaque from Joseph Studio is a relief of Jesus, the Shepherd. Verse: The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. John 10:11. 10" high.

Item Code: 40457

$ 39.95 CDN

Holy Water Bottle - 2 oz.

This sturdy plastic Holy Water bottle features a gold cross on the front along with the words "Holy Water". Holds 2 ounces so is perfect for the car, purse, home.

Item Code: 50824

$ 1.50 CDN

Holy Water Bottle

This 4 oz. Holy Water bottle is ready to be filled with holy water from your church. A gold cross and the words "Holy Water" identify the contents.

Item Code: 51161

$ 1.70 CDN

Holy Water Bottle

This molded plastic Holy Water bottle is in a design similar to the glass bottles of years ago. It holds 2 ounces and has a blue top. There is a crucifix on one side and the words "Holy Water" on the other. 2-3/4" x 2" x 1".

Item Code: 51176

$ 2.50 CDN

Our Lady of Lourdes Holy Water Bottle

This cute moulded plastic bottle holds 1-oz Holy Water. The bottle is shaped like the grotto to Our Lady of Lourdes. The classic blue top finishes the bottle. This bottle is perfect for home or personal use and would be a lovely way to introduce children to the blessings of Holy Water. 2-3/4" tall.

Item Code: 51334

$ 1.50 CDN

4 oz Holy Water Bottle

This sturdy plastic Holy Water bottle features a gold cross on the front along with the words "Holy Water". Holds 4 ounces so is perfect for the car, purse, home.

Item Code: 50981

$ 2.95 CDN

Our Lady of Grace Holy Water Bottle

Decorative Saintained Glass bottle featuring Lady of Grace Approximately 2-1/4 inch tall, holds .5 oz.

Made in Italy

Item Code: 51504

$ 4.29 CDN