For the Car and Travel


St. Francis Car Statue

This lovely statuette features a pewter image of St. Francis on a brass base. It is made in Italy and measures 2 1/2" in height. The base is both magnetic and has an adhesive so can be placed just about anywhere in your vehicle.

Item Code: 95021

$ 3.95 CDN

Our Lady of Grace Car Statue

Keep you and your passengers safe with this statuette of Our Lady of Grace for your car. This adhesive Statue is made in Italy and measures 2-1/2" in height.

Item Code: 51518

$ 8.58 CDN

Trinity Visor Clip

Here is a unique visor clip, featuring the Holy Trinity. This would be a great gift for a new, or experienced driver.

Item Code: 51447

$ 10.16 CDN

Mustard Seed Visor Clip

This is like a piece of jewellry for your car! The floral shape of this pewter visor clip has, at its heart, a white enamel cross with a mustard seed at the centre. The words "Mustard Seed" are etched below it...a great reminder of how strong your faith can be.

Item Code: 50456

$ 6.95 CDN

Guardian Angel/St. Chris Mirror Medal

This substantial two-tone medal does double duty with Guardian Angel and St. Christopher. The prayer reads as follows: Protect me, my passengers and all who pass by with a steady hand and a watchful eye. Comes on a ball chain so can easily be hung in any type of vehicle for safe travels. Pewter. 2-1/2" in length.

Item Code: 50707

$ 8.95 CDN

Archangel Visor Clip

The archangel on this cream-coloured visor clip has terrific detailing in his wings, robe, and shield. He is standing against a shield-shaped background with the words "Protect and Guide". Suitable for use in many places, not just the car! Measures 2-1/2" in height. Made of resin.

Item Code: 50709

$ 6.75 CDN

Granddaughter Medal Visor Clip

This beautifully detailed pewter visor clip is designed specifically for your granddaughter. It features the classic images of St. Christopher, Guardian Angel, and crucifix. Surrounding St. Christopher are the words "St. Christopher protect us" and, at the bottom of the visor clip is a "banner" with the words "Granddaughter please drive safely".

Item Code: 50771

$ 8.95 CDN

New Driver Angel Visor Clip

This metal visor clip is specifically for a new driver. An angel holds a star to light the way. Verse: New Driver - May Angels light the way & keep you safe everyday. 2-1/2".

Item Code: 51135

$ 8.95 CDN

Guardian Angel Visor Clip

This visor clip works for any mode of transportation. An angel rests next to the verse: Guardian Angels by your side...through your travels, protect and guide. 2-1/4" in size.

Item Code: 51260

$ 7.95 CDN

Guardian Angel Visor Clip for a Son

This visor clip works for any mode of transportation. An angel rests next to the verse: Son...Guardian Angels by your side...through your travels, protect and guide. 2-1/4" in size.

Item Code: 51261

$ 7.95 CDN

Visor Clip for a Granddaughter

This visor clip works for any mode of transportation. An angel rests next to the verse: Granddaughter...Guardian Angels by your side...through your travels, protect and guide. 2-1/4" in size.

Item Code: 51264

$ 7.95 CDN

"Put Your Cell Phone Away" Visor Clip

This visor clip works for any mode of transportation, any gender, and any age! The oval visor clip has an angel at the centre and she is surrounded by the words "Angelic Reminder for Today....Put Your Cell Phone Away". 2-1/2" long.

Item Code: 51265

$ 7.95 CDN

St. Patrick Visor Clip

This metal visor clip was made in Italy and features an angel with a St. Patrick medal and the following prayer: God, please protect me & keep me safe at all times. Shield me until I arrive to where I am going, and protect me from all harm that comes my way. 2" x 2-1/4".

Item Code: 51346

$ 8.95 CDN

Firefighter Red Enamel Visor Clip

This would make for a wonderful gift for any firefighter. This visor clip features Saint Florian within the red enamel crest, the Patron Saint of firefighters. At the top is the Firefighter's Prayer: "When I am called to duty Lord, wherever fires may be, may I fulfill my calling, and give the best in me."

Item Code: 51483

$ 15.03 CDN

St. Christopher Be My Guide Visor Clip

This attractive visor clips has images of various modes of travel so is perfect for just about anything! The centre image of St. Christopher surrounded by directional arrows finishes the look. 2-1/2" x 1".

Item Code: 51329

$ 12.85 CDN

St. Benedict Rosary & Visor Clip Set

This is a beautiful set that consists of a wonderfully detailed visor clip and auto rosary. The rosary beads and the background of the crucifix are in black. The visor clip is in pewter. The St. Benedict cross and symbols are found on both pieces. A perfect set for every Catholic car!!

Item Code: 50165

$ 25.74 CDN

St. Patrick Auto Rosary

This beautiful auto rosary features the Celtic cross and green beads that are engraved with a shamrock.

Item Code: 50258

$ 11.95 CDN

One Minute St. Michael Traffic Rosary

If you only have a few minutes, this is a terrific way to get some prayer time in! Use it as a key ring or like an Irish penal rosary and slip the key ring over your finger. Three faceted clear beads support a medal of St. Michael. Comes with instructions. Great to use in lots of places...not just your car!

Item Code: 50683

$ 4.95 CDN

Irish Auto Rosary

The green beads and enamel detailing are nicely set off against the silver of this single-decade rosary. The beads are 7 mm and faceted to reflect the light prettily. The crucifix is nicely detailed. The real "star" of this rosary is the centre which features an enamel shamrock with the Claddagh symbol at it's centre.

Item Code: 50769

$ 14.30 CDN

St. Joseph Auto Rosary & Prayer Card

This 2-piece set comes with a full-colour laminated prayer card to St. Joseph and a single decade auto rosary. The beads of the rosary are dark purple with a slight irridescent shimmer. The centrepiece on the rosary is a round St. Joseph medal.

Item Code: 51287

$ 14.30 CDN

St. Christopher Multi Colour Auto Rosary

This beautiful one decade auto rosary has glass beads in blue, peach, purple, green and white, and features St. Christopher at its centre and a nicely detailed crucifix. A wonderful gift for a young lady as a sweet 16 gift, or for her new car.

Item Code: 51426

$ 7.62 CDN

Guardian Angel Car Mirror Dangle

This is a beautiful alternative to a visor clip! Made by Cathedral Art, it features a Guardian Angel and the Traveller's Prayer in pewter with a brass cross hanging at the centre. Measures just over 2" x 1".

Item Code: 50132

$ 7.95 CDN

Guardian Angel Ornament for Family

This is a great ornament for any form of travel or even in a home. Hanging from a sturdy ball chain is a flat 2" zinc charm with a heart cut-out. Inside the cut-out is a beaded angel with gold wings. Underneath that are the words "Guardian Angel look upon us and Protect my Family". To complete the look, beaded finials hang from the bottom.

Item Code: 51308

$ 9.95 CDN

Angels Watch Over Us Mirror Dangle

Although designed as a car mirror dangle, this ornament could be used in so many places and for so many purposes...even to hang on the wall. Fun charms dangle from the angel. The angel and one of the charms is done in two-tone. Verse: Angels watch over us. Made of zinc.

Item Code: 51323

$ 8.95 CDN

4-Way Medal Pendant & Key Ring

This is a great gift for a new driver! It includes a 4-way cross medal on a 24" stainless steel chain plus the same medal on a key ring. The medals are 1" in length and the key ring measures 4", including the key ring itself. Comes in a clear plastic box.

Item Code: 50040

$ 4.99 CDN

Holy Water Bottle Key Chain

Keep Holy Water near-at-hand with this fabulous product! It comes with both a key chain and a lobster clasp so you can attach it just about anywhere so it's nearby...your car, purse, desk, laptop, purse...Measures 4" inlength including chain and clasp.

Item Code: 50252

$ 3.50 CDN

Celtic Cross Clipable Charm

The lobster clasp on this Celtic Cross charm make it easy to clip to a bracelet, purse, wallet...just about anywhere! The detail on the cross is lovely.

Item Code: 50365

$ 12.87 CDN

4-Way Cross Clipable Charm

At the centre of this clipable charm is a dove surrounded by red enamel. The lobster clasp make it easy to clip this medal to a rosary, purse, bracelet...just about anywhere!

Item Code: 50366

$ 9.95 CDN

Holy Rosary Visor Clip

Measuring just under 2", this visor clip does double-duty as a rosary. The "beads" are raised so that you can use it to say the rosary while travelling. Although it doesn't show in the photo, there are nice cut edges in places throughout this clip that catches and reflects the light beautifully!

Item Code: 50562

$ 9.95 CDN

Our Lady Finger Rosary Keychain

This Italian-made key ring does double duty with a finger rosary. The image at the top is of the Miraculous Medal so also keeps travelers safe.

Item Code: 51023

$ 3.95 CDN

Celtic Cross Key Chain

This beautiful pewter keychain is a solid key ring with a nicely detailed Celtic cross. On the reverse is the beautiful prayer..."May the road rise to meet you....". This is a solid piece that will stand up to use.

Item Code: 50619

$ 6.95 CDN

Holy Water Keychain

This Customer Favourite is Back in Stock!

With this handy keychain, you'll always have Holy Water near-at-hand for emergencies or just for a blessing. Made of aluminum, a cross and the words HOLY WATER are inscribed on the base. A twist top holds the small Holy Water bottle inside the key fob. Great stocking stuffers for Christmas and for those travelling.

Item Code: 51122

$ 5.70 CDN

Peace Key Chain

Peace....a great message for every driver! The oval key fob has different designs on the two side but all have the Peace sentiment. Dark silver in colour.

Item Code: 51258

$ 6.95 CDN

Armor/Shield of God Keyring

This lovely metal keyring is part of the Armor of God product line. This keyring has a weight to it and its bronze colouring means that it will wear well. One side of the oval key fob shows a shield with a cross inside it and the Biblical reference for the scripture; on the reverse, is the verse: Put on the Full Armor of God...the Shield of Faith. 3-1/2" long including ring.

Item Code: 30460

$ 7.95 CDN

Give Worries to Angels Key Chain

This attractive oval key ring is great for drivers and worriers! The fob is 1-3/4" long. An angel is on both sides of the centrepiece in raised detailing and this centrepiece turns and moves within the outer oval. The words "Give your worries to the angels" are etched on the outer oval. This would make a nice gift for someone who's dealing with a illness.

Item Code: 51416

$ 8.95 CDN

Forgiven Nails Cross Keychain

Makes a great gift during the Lenten season, or any time, as it was meant to symbolize the suffering Christ endured when He was nailed to the Cross, and the reminder that He died so our sins would be forgiven.

Material: Lead-Free Zinc Alloy

Size: 3-1/2" L

Item Code: 51528

$ 4.57 CDN

Small Fish Symbol Emblem

Measuring 2 1/2" in height, this fish symbol can fit on just about anything. It's silver-toned finish is waterproof so it's great for cars, boats, motorcycles, bikes, name it!

Item Code: 50389

$ 2.50 CDN

Small Fish & Cross Emblem

This small emblem measures 2 1/2" in length and features a cross inside the fish symbol. It's silver finish is waterproof making it ideal for just about anyplace.

Item Code: 50390

$ 2.50 CDN

Rosary Auto Decal

Give witness to your faith with our Rosary Auto Decal. Comes with a self-adhesive backing and can easily stick to any smooth and clean surface.

Material: Metallic Decal

Size: 4 3/4" H

Item Code: 51459

$ 2.40 CDN

Celebrate Life Pink Ribbon Visor Clip

Whether you're a breast cancer survivor or know someone who lost their battle, this is a meaningful visor clip. Made of pewter and measuring 1 1/2" x 2 1/2", this silver ribbon is outlined in pink and has the words "Celebrate Life" in script on the ribbon. Great gift idea!

Item Code: 50624

$ 6.95 CDN

Pro-Life Rosary Decal

Display this decal on your car to show your Catholicism and your pro-life attitude. The black rosary image, in the shape of a fetus, shows up nicely in most windows. Image measures 6" x 4".

Item Code: 50386

$ 1.50 CDN

Gold Fish & Cross Auto Emblem

This gold-toned fish with the cross inside it proclaims your Christianity! Attach to your vehicle or almost any surface. 5" x 2".

Item Code: 50385

$ 3.95 CDN

Pray for the Unborn Car Magnet

This blue ribbon magnet is flexible to sit tightly on your vehicle or any metal surface. The "ribbon" has a cross cut-out at the centre and rosary beads around the ribbon. Tiny baby feet and the words "Pray for the Unborn" make this a very meaningful message.

Item Code: 50842

$ 1.50 CDN

St. Christopher Prayer Card for Journeys

Invoke the intercession of Saint Christopher through the use of this Italian-made, laminated prayer card. The famous Fratelli-Bonella image of the Saint is beautifully illustrated in colour with gold accents. The reverse contains a Prayer Before a Journey that is done in black and red script. Card measures 4-1/4" x 2-1/2".

Item Code: 50841

$ 0.84 CDN

St. Christopher Motorist Prayer Card

This is a nice laminated prayer card from Italy. It has a beautiful, rich colour illustration of St. Christopher on the front along with a medal. On the reverse it says "I am a Catholic; in case of accident please call a priest" as well as The Motorist's Prayer.

Item Code: 50949

$ 0.80 CDN

Traveller's 4-Way Pendant

Perfect for a loved one who is travelling by land, air, or sea. The 4-way medal has wonderful detail as is shown in the photo. Includes chain.

Item Code: 50372

$ 9.95 CDN

Travel Pocket Token

This round pewter token is perfect to accompany you on any trip or form of travel. Measuring about 1" in diameter, one side has raised images of a plane, train, bus, car, and boat and, on the reverse, is the prayer: God Protect us as we travel by air or land or sea, Keep us safe, and guide us, wherever we may be.

Item Code: 50483

$ 2.25 CDN

Bronze Traveler's Medal Necklace

This necklace features a bronze traveller's medal in the shape of a cross on a bronze chain. The raised images on the front of the cross are nicely detailed with travel images (e.g., plane, car, etc.) on the reverse. The chain is 18" long with a lobster clasp. Comes in a yellow gauze bag.

Item Code: 50908

$ 24.95 CDN

Lady of Loretto Medal Pendant for Travel

This nicely detailed metal is suitable for men or women. The medal has raised images of Our Lady of Loretto on one side and a plane on the reverse. Verse on front: Our Lady of Loretto Protect my Flight. Verse on reverse: Patroness of aviators & air travelers. Great for those who travel by plane for business or pleasures. Comes on a chain and is nicely packaged with a card and envelope.

Item Code: 51050

$ 11.95 CDN

St. Christopher Pocket Shield

This beautifully detailed pocket token works for travel of any type. In the shape of a shield for protection, one side features a raised image of St. Christopher with the Child Jesus and, on the reverse, the words "PRAY FOR US". At 1-1/4" x 1", it fits in any pocket or purse.

Item Code: 51058

$ 4.25 CDN

Travel Angel Pocket Stone

This lovely smooth-finished "stone" is easy to carry with you whenever you travel near or far. Set inside is the image of an angel cradling the globe. The reverse shows her lovely feathered wings in detail. 1-1/2" long.

Item Code: 51061

$ 5.95 CDN

Angel of Protection Pin/Pendant

This angel pin would be suitable for any number of occasion and situations including those travelling. The cross on her gown is pale pink and her head is a clear crystal. At 1" in length, she can be worn as a pin or pendant.

Item Code: 51236

$ 3.95 CDN

Bicycle Medal

This pewter medal will help protect your son or daughter when they ride their bike. A Guardian Angel stands behind the image of a two-wheel bike surrounded by the words "Protect me". The images are raised to give them a 3-dimensional look. Fabric/velcro strap for attaching to stroller.

Item Code: 20285

$ 8.95 CDN

GOD Luggage Tag

This taupe and cream luggage tag has the word GOD subtly inscribed in the design on one side. The reverse has space for you to add your name, address, and phone number. The tag itself is thick cardboard and the tie is black plastic. Great for backpacks, suitcases, laptop bags, etc.

Item Code: 50497

$ 1.49 CDN

LOVE Luggage Tag

Use this trendy black and tan luggage tag on your suitcases, laptop bags, and backpacks. The floral design on the front rivals those of today's designers with the bonus of having the word LOVE embedded in it. The reverse has spots for your name, address, and phone number.

Item Code: 50498

$ 1.49 CDN

Serenity Prayer Travel Mug

The Serenity Prayer is set against lovely pastel colours for a travel mug that's functional and meaningful. At 16 oz., this travel mug will carry you through your commutes and travels and the prayer will keep your soul uplifted enroute to your destination. 7" tall; hand washing is recommended.

Item Code: 40421

$ 13.95 CDN

Absorbent Auto Coaster

This absorbent ceramic coaster is done in a trendy chalkboard design and will be a reminder that our angels are always near. At 2-1/2" in diameter, the coaster fits in most automobile cup holders and has a finger inset so that you may easily remove them. It is made of absorbent ceramic to protect your vehicle. Verse: May Angels light the way and keep you safe.

Item Code: 51318

$ 6.95 CDN

Angel Car Charm

With its pleasing shape and lovely sentiment, this angel charm is great to hang from a rear-view mirror or in your home. On a ball chain hangs an angel with ornately decorated wings and a gray pearl forms her skirt. She is surrounded by an almost teardrop-shaped form with the words "May the Lord bless and keep you" etched along the side. To finish is off, a clear crystal hangs from the bottom. Made of zinc.

Item Code: 50324

$ 6.95 CDN