Standing Pewter Confirmation Dove

This beautiful tabletop piece from Cathedral Art has all of the fine detail that they're known for. A modern image of a dove in-flight is accented at the top by red epoxy which is meaningful because red is the colour of Confirmation. Ivy leaves twine down from the dove to surround the words "May the Spirit always guide you." Measures 4" in height.

Item Code: 30203

$ 14.95 CDN

Jewels of Faith Figurine

Her red gown and message of faith make this figurine an ideal Confirmation gift. From the Jewels of Faith Collection of Angel Star, this lovely angel holds a golden trumpet and, on her skirt, the words "We walk by Faith; not by sight". 6" tall.

Item Code: 30469

$ 14.95 CDN

Elegant Cross & Dove Necklace

A simple gold cross is adorned with a sterling silver dove in this lovely necklace. Comes on an 18" gold chain and is gift boxed.

Item Code: 30089

$ 25.95 CDN

Open Gold Cross Necklace with Dove

Simple but with a slightly modern twist, the gold cross is open and has a silver dove at the centre. Comes on an 18" gold chain. Comes gift boxed.

Item Code: 30090

$ 30.95 CDN

Crucifix with Dove Pendant

This nickle-plated pewter pendant has a crucifix that's almost 2" in length. A dove can be seen just above the Crucified Christ so makes it perfect for Confirmation or RCIA. Comes on a 24" chain. Because of its size, it is more suited to men.

Item Code: 50349

$ 13.95 CDN

Colourful Enamel Cross Pendant

Here's a beautiful pendant at a terrific price! Blue and red enamel mark the arms of the cross and, at the centre, in white enamel is a dove with an olive branch and a host. Comes on a gold-tone chain and in a clear gift box.

Item Code: 30251

$ 8.95 CDN

Cross with Dove Cut-Out Necklace

This pretty cross is ideal for Confirmation or just as a "because" gift. The matte silver cross has shiny etch marks on the arms that catch the light beautifully. At the centre is a dove cut-out. The chain is 18" in length.

Item Code: 30256

$ 11.15 CDN

Olive Wood Holy Spirit Cross Pendant

The contrast of the earthy olive wood and the silver of the cross make this a very striking piece. The cross features the Sacred Heart at its centre and, at the top, is a dove in flight. Comes on a thin brown leather cord to wear around his or her neck. Cross measures 1" x 3/4".

Item Code: 30278

$ 19.95 CDN

Dangle Pendant with Dove & Cross

This pendant comes on a chunky chain with a lobster clasp. The pendant itself consists of a trio of beautiful charms linked together. The top charm is circular and features a dove in flight against a white enamel background. The centre charm is also round with a white enamel flower set against a white pearlized background. At the bottom is a simple cross decorated with clear crystals. Very modern and nice piece. Comes carded as shown in the photo.

Item Code: 30281

$ 14.95 CDN

4-Way Confirmation Cross Pendant Set

This 2-piece set consists of a laminated prayer card and a beautiful 4-way medal cross. The medal features the Holy Spirit in dove form at its centre and the medal is set into an olive wood cross that hangs from a brown leather cord. Great quality for a set that will protect and keep them, as well as, inspire them.

Item Code: 30318

$ 11.95 CDN

Red Enamel Confirmation Crucifix

At 3" in length, this crucifix has red enamel arms and a silver corpus. At the centre are the traditional images of Confirmation. Comes on a coordinated red cord. A prayer pamphlet memento of Confirmation is also included. Made in Italy.

Item Code: 30365

$ 9.95 CDN

Cross Pendant with Swirl Centre

This is a more trendy and fun cross pendant that younger girls love! The straight cross is elegant with a swirl design at its centre. This is really a pretty piece of jewelry that would make a nice Confirmation gift for a special young lady. The cross is 2" in length and the chain is 18" in length.

Item Code: 51322

$ 22.95 CDN

Cross Pendant on Cord

This metal cross pendant is simple, yet bold, and comes on a 30" L nylon cord.

Material: Zinc Alloy/Cord Size: 2 1/4" H; 30" L Cord

Item Code: 30481

$ 3.48 CDN

Dove Pendant

Gorgeous pewter pendant on black cord! The pendant is 3-dimensional and shows a dove with an olive branch. The cord is 22 inches in length. Comes gift boxed and with a card that says, "As you receive this gift, may the Spirit of God fill you with His Presence and make you a sign of His Love."

Item Code: 30097

$ 9.95 CDN

Holy Spirit 4-Way Medal Pendant

With the red enamel backing the dove at the centre, this is a very striking medal. It's a 4-way medal with terrific detail and is about 3/4" in length. The silver chain is 16" in length. Comes in a burgundy gift box.

Item Code: 30157

$ 12.95 CDN

Circle Dove Pendant

This very unique pendant is simple but makes a statement. A outer circle is 1" in diameter. Within it, and to the side, is a small circle with a dove. Comes on a black cord necklace.

Item Code: 30162

$ 9.95 CDN

Dove with Olive Branch Pendant

The detail on this matte silver pendant is lovely. The dove is nicely marked as is the olive branch held in its beak. Comes on an 18" chain. Ideal for wear year-round and those who want a more subtle symbol of their faith.

Item Code: 30250

$ 25.95 CDN

Blessings of the Holy Spirit Pendant

The round pewter medallion shows a modern image of the Holy Spirit in dove form and praying hands. This is a great medal that comes complete with an 18" chain and a clear gift box as shown in the photo.

Item Code: 30252

$ 7.95 CDN

Peace Dove Mother-of-Pearl Pendant

This striking pendant was made in the Holy Land and features beautiful green mother-of-pearl background for the white mother-of-pearl outline of a dove. Measures 1" in diameter.

Item Code: 50716

$ 5.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Medal Pendant

This eye-catching Holy Spirit medal hangs from an 18" red cord complete with lobster clasp. The medal is made of oxidized silver and measures 3/4". Made in Italy.

Item Code: 30298

$ 13.95 CDN

Dove Pendant with Crystal

This necklace features a modern take on the dove with a clear crystal. Although the dove is small, it's perfectly suited to young ladies. Comes on a solid 16" chain with a ring closure and is gift-boxed as shown in the photo. A pretty memento of her Confirmation!

Item Code: 30307

$ 13.95 CDN

Come Holy Spirit Pendant

This Italian-made pendant is suitable for a boy or girl. The beautiful round pendant features red enameling on the front to frame the dove. On the reverse are the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. The pendant is 3/4" in diameter and the chain is 18" in length.

Item Code: 30337

$ 13.95 CDN

Confirmation Dogtag-Style Pendant

The shield of this dogtag-style pendant features a cross surrounded in red and set against an offset cross. Comes on a sturdy 24" ball chain and comes in a clear plastic box with Confirmation-themed background as shown in the photo.

Item Code: 30348

$ 11.95 CDN

Oval Holy Spirit Pendant

This Italian-made oval pendant features a dove and the words "Holy Spirit" on one side and, on the reverse, the words "Pray for us". The pendant is 1" in length and hangs from a 24" stainless steel chain.

Item Code: 30369

$ 12.95 CDN

Round Holy Spirit Pendant

This Italian-made round pendant features a dove on one side and, on the reverse, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The pendant is 3/4" in length and hangs from a 24" stainless steel chain.

Item Code: 30370

$ 12.95 CDN

Gold-Plated Dove Necklace

This gold-plated necklace comes beautifully gift boxed as shown in the photo. An in-flight dove is the highlight with 4 small clear crystals along the bottom wing.

Item Code: 30416

$ 12.25 CDN

Pewter Confirmation Pendant

Although this pendant would work for either boys or girls, it's shape and size make it well suited to girls. The 3/4" pendant has a nice off-side rectangle shape with the dove fanning out and the word CONFIRMATION beneath it. Comes on an 18" chain.

Item Code: 30426

$ 12.95 CDN

By His Spirit Pendant

This pendant is perfectly suited to young men. A solid ball chain holds a dogtag and a simple cross. The dogtag has a hammered metal look (so will stand up to wear) and has the words "BY HIS SPIRIT" stamped on it. The cross is simple and elegant and balances nicely against the dogtag. Wear both or just one! Comes packaged as shown in the photo. Dogtag is 1-1/2" long. Made of metal alloy.

Item Code: 30439

$ 14.95 CDN

Confirmation Pendant & Prayer Card Set

This 2-piece set has a full colour laminated prayer card and a Confirmation medal on a leather cord. There is a prayer on the reverse of the prayer card. Especially great for boys!

Item Code: 30450

$ 12.95 CDN

Fruits of the Spirit Mobius Necklace

This lovely necklace has an 18" chain with a mobius ring around which is listed the fruits of the Spirit. The ring is 1" in diameter and the mobius, an unending circle, is a symbol of God's constant love and presence.

Item Code: 51292

$ 18.95 CDN

Sterling Medal from Creed Jewelers

From Creed Jewelers, this medal has a unique shape with the Sacred Heart at the top and the dove symbol beneath it. Made of sterling, it comes on a 24" chain so works for either gender and any age.

Item Code: 30455

$ 43.95 CDN

Key of Strength & Courage Pendant

Fashioned after authentic keys, this pendant sends strong and wise messages to the wearer. The words "COURAGE" and "STRENGTH" are engraved on each side of the key. Comes with a 21" nickel-free chain. Key is 2-1/4" long.

Item Code: 30457

$ 11.95 CDN

Confirmation Dove Pendant

At 1" in diameter, the dove on this red enamel pendant really pops out in a lovely silver. An inexpensive gift for your confirmation group, this is suitable for a boy or girl. The chain is 20" long.

Item Code: 30480

$ 2.28 CDN

Holy Spirit Pendant

Here is a meaningful corded pendant suitable for a boy or girl, celebrating their Confirmation. The stainless steel pendant has the image of a dove, a cross above, and the fire is done in red enamel. On the back it is inscribed "Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love."

Item Code: 30346

$ 11.95 CDN

Tri-Colour Gifts of the Spirit Bracelet

This tri-coloured, chunky bracelet will go with any outfit she's wearing! In colours of silver, gold and bronze, this stretch bracelet has a lot of beautiful features including crystal accents and cut-out hearts. Each link names a gift of the Holy Spirit. Being 1 inch wide, this is a gorgeous piece and a wonderful reminder of her Confirmation Day.

Regular price: $15.99

Item Code: 30012-1

$ 11.99 CDN

Journey of Faith Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet would be suitable for any sacrament. Each of the lockets is removable via a lobster clasp so they can be placed in any order. The charms include a baptismal shell, a cross, a Miraculous Medal, a chalice, and a dove. The lobster clasp makes this bracelet easy to get on and off. The bracelet is 7" in length but, as you can see in the photo, it has an extension chain that allows it to fit larger wrists. Comes with a prayer card that describes the symbols and sacraments represented on the bracelet.

Item Code: 50006

$ 16.99 CDN

Silver "Gifts of the Spirit" Bracelet

This beautiful, chunky bracelet is lovely in shiny silver. Each round disk is separated by a round disk with a heart cut-out at the centre. The other disks features various images, adornments, and clear crystals. Sayings: "The Fruit of the Spirit", "Love Joy Peace", "Patience Kindness", "Goodness Gentleness", "Faithfulness Self Control". Being 1 inch wide, this is a gorgeous piece and a wonderful reminder of her Confirmation Day. Makes a great gift for an RCIA candidate!

Regular price: $15.99

Item Code: 30012-2

$ 11.99 CDN

Matte Silver Gifts of Spirit Bracelet

This beautiful, chunky bracelet is lovely in a matte silver finish. Each round disk is separated by a round disk with a heart cut-out at the centre. The other disks features various images, adornments, and clear crystals. Sayings: "The Fruit of the Spirit", "Love Joy Peace", "Patience Kindness", "Goodness Gentleness", "Faithfulness Self Control". Being 1 inch wide, this is a gorgeous piece and a wonderful reminder of her Confirmation Day. Makes a great gift for an RCIA candidate!

Regular price: $15.99

Item Code: 30012-3

$ 11.99 CDN

Confirmation Bracelet with Medals

Perfect for a Confirmation or RCIA candidate, this gorgeous stretch bracelet is adorned with numerous medals and charms. The red beads (for Confirmation) are marble-like and are separated by crystal and silver beads. The charms/medals include a cross, a number of dove symbols, the fire of Confirmation, Sacred Heart, and Miraculous Medal.

Item Code: 30148

$ 13.95 CDN

Red Imitation Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet

If you're looking for an inexpensive but useful and meaningful gift, this is it! The beads of this rosary bracelet are red plastic imitation Mother-of-Pearl. Two charms make this bracelet extra lovely - a crucifix and a dove. A lobster clasp allows for easy on and off.

Item Code: 30282

$ 2.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Bracelet - Youth Size

This simple silver bracelet is elegant and feminine. At 2-1/4" in diameter, it's intended for youth or petite women. It's easy to put on, too, as you just squeeze the bracelet to expand its size. Two charms are on the bracelet: one of a dove in flight and the other is a heart....perfect for you to have it engraved with the date or her name.

Item Code: 30313

$ 17.95 CDN

Bracelet with Red Enamel Charm

This simple silver bracelet is both elegant and feminine. It's easy to put on...just squeeze the bracelet to expand its size. Two charms are on the bracelet: one of a dove in a heart against a red enamel background and the other is a heart....perfect for you to have engraved with the date or her name.

Item Code: 30314

$ 16.95 CDN

Silicone Red Confirmation Bracelet

Durable and fashionable, this bracelet is full of meaning and perfect for a Confirmation class. The silicone bracelet is red, the colour of Confirmation, and has the image of a dove and the words "CONFIRMED IN CHRIST" in white on the band. Great for both boys and girls!

Item Code: 30322

$ 1.95 CDN

Confirmation Memories Pendant

This is a beautiful silver-coloured medal pendant that's in the shape of a cross. At it's centre is the Holy Spirit in dove form. Four medals are at each corner of the cross: A Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Grace, St. Joseph, and St. Christopher. Comes in a clear plastic pouch with a card. Verse on card: In joyful memory of the day I received the fullness and the power of the Holy Spirit to be a strong and responsible Christian. The cross is 1" square so is better suited to a boy than a girl. Chain is not included.

Item Code: 30262

$ 2.95 CDN

Leather Braided "Gifts" Bracelet

This red leather bracelet lists the Gifts of the Spirit on it's braided bands. Two dome snaps allow for size adjustment.

Item Code: 30343

$ 12.95 CDN

Pandora-Style Confirmation Bracelet

This bracelet is ideal for Confirmation and comes nicely presented in a clear box with a Confirmation themed background. Each round charm on the red leather bracelet features ones of the Gifts of the Spirit. An additional rectangle charm features a dove on one side and the words "come holy spirit" on the reverse. Measures 7-1/2". Other charms could easily be added.

Item Code: 30347

$ 16.95 CDN

Coral Rose Flower Rosary Bracelet

This Italian-made rosary bracelet is so very feminine and pretty as well as being practical. The vibrant coral colour is mixed with white to create a floral design on the Hail Mary beads while the Our Father bead is a beautiful coral & white rose. The coral is almost red and is very striking. Two charms, a crucifix and a Miraculous Medal, are attached and the bracelet closes with a lobster clasp. 7-1/2" long.

Item Code: 20607

$ 7.95 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Pewter Link Bracelet

This pewter bracelet is made up of oval links that highlight all the gifts of the Spirit. The toggle close makes it easy to take off and put on. The matte finish makes it a durable piece that will serve to continually remind her of the gifts received on her Confirmation day.

Item Code: 30390

$ 16.21 CDN

Heart of a Mustard Seed Bracelet

This silver-plated bracelet is simple and understated but full of meaning in addition to having a modern design that the girls today love. The cuff-style bracelet has balls at each end. A heart charm with a single mustard seed at its heart is the highlight. Great Confirmation gift! Comes in a deluxe gift box. From Cross Gifts. 2-1/2" wide; charm is 1/2" long.

Item Code: 51082

$ 38.95 CDN

Armor of God Silicone Bracelet

This silicone bracelet is great for boys or girls and has a "shield" with a cross at its centre plus the words "Put on the full armor of God".

Item Code: 30410

$ 2.25 CDN

Heart & Dove Cord Bracelet

This is a very pretty bracelet with a modern look. Red cord bands hold a large entwined heart with a dove charm dangling from it and sitting at the centre of the heart. The lobster clasp securely and comfortably holds the bracelet. There is an extender on the bracelet so it adjusts to just about any size wrist.

Item Code: 30417

$ 11.95 CDN

Red Confirmation Cuff Bracelet

This is a red bracelet with silver-tone ends; it just opens to slip over the wrist. A white ribbon runs around the bracelet and, in red print, are dove images and the words "Come Holy Spirit" in a pretty script.

Item Code: 30418

$ 1.25 CDN

Bangle with Angel Wing & Heart Charms

This gold-tone bangle is beautiful and in the latest style. The clear round case holds an angel wing, a stylized heart surrounded by clear crystals, and 3 clear crystal beads. The bracelet simply hooks into the case so it's easily taken on or off. 2-3/4" and case is 1". Lovely gift for almost any occasion. Comes on a pillow and in a clear-topped gift box for an elegant presentation. (In the photo, this bracelet is shown on the left at the front.)

Item Code: 30436-4

$ 20.95 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Bangle

This beautiful bangle is sure to get lots of wear! The oval top features the scripture verse: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Gal 5:22. The lettering is in a pretty script. The oval is 1-1/2" long and the bangle is 2-1/2" wide. Comes in a gold drawstring bag.

Item Code: 30442

$ 17.95 CDN

Black Leather "Gifts" Bracelet

This black leather bracelet lists the Gifts of the Spirit on it's braided bands. Two dome snaps allow for size adjustment.

Item Code: 30449

$ 12.95 CDN

Red Silicone Rosary Bracelet

This is for the red silicone bracelet shown in the photo. It's clearly marked with white dots in place of beads and the crucifix and "PRAY THE ROSARY". These bracelets are durable and suited to young adults and adults (given the size - they'd be too large for younger children).

Item Code: 51299-1

$ 1.45 CDN

Silver & Red Bracelet with Cross

The stretchy red nylon of this bracelet makes it perfect as a Confirmation gift. A cross with clear crystals serves as the hook for hold the red strap making this easy to put on and take off. Pretty and elegant! 7".

Item Code: 51402

$ 14.95 CDN

Confirmation Cord Rosary Bracelet

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for your Confirmation group, this would be a great choice! This is not only a bracelet memento of their special day, it is also a one decade rosary.

Material: Cord/Zinc Alloy/Epoxy Size: 7 1/2" Adjustable

Item Code: 30479

$ 3.48 CDN

Scented Wrap Style Rosary Bracelet

This unique rosary bracelet is perfectly styled to be worn by just about any woman. It is wrapped and crafted using 59 rose scented wood beads, a crucifix dangle and Miraculous Medal. It's like wearing an entire rosary on your wrist. What a great way to remind yourself to pray the rosary daily!

Material: Rose Scented Wood

Size: 6 mm Bead, 8" Adjustable

Item Code: 51460

$ 2.40 CDN

Silver Dove Earrings with Red Bead

These silver dove earrings, are made with surgical steel posts and red crystal beads. They would make for a perfect confirmation gift.

Item Code: 51454

$ 16.38 CDN

Enamel Cross & Dove Lapel Pin

Although small, this lapel pin has lovely detail. The enamelling is crisp and makes each image pop! The cross is filled with a light blue/white enamel and contrasts nicely with the red enamel of the dove. Just over 1/2" in length.

Item Code: 30254

$ 3.00 CDN

Confirmation Cross Earrings

This pretty earrings for pierced ears feature a red enamel cross (red being the colour of Confirmation) surrounded by clear round crystals. For pierced ears, these earrings have surgical steel posts. Measures 1/2".

Item Code: 30297

$ 18.95 CDN

Dove Lapel Pin

This is a nice dove lapel pin...great for students! Silver in colour, the dove has nice feathering details. Measures 3/4" in length. Sorry, the photo is fuzzy! The detail is actually very clean and clear.

Item Code: 30275

$ 2.50 CDN

Petal-Armed Cross Earrings

For pierced ears, these earrings have a twisted petal arms that nicely reflect the light and end in a point. At 1/2" long, these would work for a young girl's First Communion but would also suit an adult who prefers smaller earrings. The posts are sterling silver and the crosses are silver-plated.

Item Code: 30445

$ 11.95 CDN

Silver Cross Lapel Pin

This is a substantial and elegant pin that it suited to both boys and girls. The silver-tone cross has a dove at its centre. 1-1/4" long x 1/2" wide.

Item Code: 30452

$ 3.95 CDN

Dangle Cross Cut-Out Earrings in Gold

These gold-toned earrings for pierced ears are perfect for any age. The round disc has a cross cut-out at its centre and measures 1/2" in diameter. Great for First Communion, Confirmation and adults. Hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

Item Code: 51303

$ 10.95 CDN

Cross with Dove, Lapel Pin

Each pin contains full-color enamel, comes with a clutch back and is carded for easy handling.

Material: Gold Plate/Enamel

Size: 1-1/4" H

Contact us if you would like to order a large quantity of this pin!

Item Code: 30485

$ 3.00 CDN

Gold Cut Out Lapel Pin

This lapel pin is a meaningful representation of the Dove of the Holy Spirit, suitable for a young person as they are Confirmed.

Contact us if you would like to order a large quantity of this pin!

Item Code: 30491

$ 3.00 CDN

Wall Icon Cross

In keeping with icons, this lovely cross has lots of gold detailing. The Holy Spirit in the center is surrounded by a picture of the Annunciation, the Baptism of Jesus, and the Descent of the Holy Spirit. This is a beautiful piece and, at 5" x 3½", this cross is the perfect size to fit anywhere...even in an office.

Regular price: $13.99

Item Code: 30018

$ 8.95 CDN

Tomaso Confirmation Cross

Another beautiful cross by Tomaso! The cross is nestled inside their beautiful blue gift box. The cross has lovely scroll designs on the arms and, in the centre, the dove. It has a keyhold back for hanging. Opposite the cross is a lovely Confirmation prayer and a place for you to write the name of the Confirmation candidate and your name. Truly beautiful! Box measures 6½" x 9" x 2".

Item Code: 30078

$ 30.95 CDN

Oak Cross with Dove Cut-Out

This 8" oak cross has a pewter corpuse with excellent detail. In the upper side, there is a dove cut-out...a reminder of your special young man's Confirmation. Comes gift boxed.

Item Code: 30154

$ 28.95 CDN

Stone Confirmation Cross & Gift Box

This stunning cross makes a beautiful statement! Made of ivory stone, it looks hand-carved and shows the image of the dove at the centre. It comes in a beautiful gift box, as shown, along with a certificate to mark the day. A very special gift!

Item Code: 30195

$ 27.95 CDN

Two-Piece Confirmation Set

This set consists of a cross and prayer booklet. The cross is made oak-like plastic with flared arms. The gifts of the Spirit are provided on 3 of the arms and the 4th arm shows the Bishop's mitre and staff. At the centre, raised in a dome effect, is the dove. The cross measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". The image of the front of the booklet mirrors that of the cross. Inside are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles' Creed, Prayer to the Holy Spirit, and, on the back, a place to record the details of the Confirmation Day. This compact and meaningful set comes in a clear box..easy to wrap or ship to someone.

Item Code: 30253

$ 9.95 CDN

Celtic Confirmation Cross

This substantial pewter cross is perfect for those of any Celtic heritage! The celtic knots decorate the flared arms. A charm at the centre is etched in script with the words "Confirmed in Christ". Measures 5" in height...perfect for hanging!

Item Code: 30267

$ 21.95 CDN

Cherry Confirmation Cross

This very attractive crucifix is a perfect way to mark a Confirmation! Made of cherry, the cross measures 6" in length. At its centre is a Confirmation medal. The pewter corpus and medal have excellent detail in a cross of this size. Lead-free.

Item Code: 30300

$ 28.95 CDN

Seven Gifts of the Spirit Oak Cross

This cross of unfinished oak is perfect for young men and is a cross that they will use well into adulthood. The cross measures 7-1/2" x 4" and features, at its centre, a pewter medallion of a dove with the seven gifts of the Spirit "shining" out from it and, across the top, is a "banner" with the word "CONFIRMATION" etched upon it.

Item Code: 30317

$ 21.95 CDN

Pewter Confirmation Wall Cross

This pewter wall cross really showcases the quality work of Cathedral Art products. The filigree design of the arms highlight the centre charm on which are the words "Confirmed in Christ". A burgundy ribbon for hanging completes the gorgeous look.

Item Code: 30200

$ 18.95 CDN

Symbols of Confirmation Brass Cross

This is a very unique and beautiful brass cross! The arms of the cross, although simple, are etched and, as a result, highlight the colourful and meaningful symbols at the centre....the Bishop's miter and staff. Roses finish off the decoration beautifully. What makes this especially lovely is the addition of colour...the staff and miter have rich green highlights and the roses are red. 6" long.

Item Code: 30276

$ 23.95 CDN

Open "Gifts of the Spirit" Cross

Because this wall cross has open arms, it will fit perfectly in any décor, and any room. Made of pewter, the centre of the cross has the words "Confirmed in Christ" etched in a nice script. On the lower arm, is a pewter emblem with the dove and the various gifts "shine" from the dove. Suitable for a boy or girl, this cross measures 6" in height.

Item Code: 30357

$ 23.95 CDN

Black Confirmation Cross for Boys

This striking cross is ideal for boys. The black wood cross is 6" tall and holds a pewter corpus. At the centre, a pewter medallion with red enamel highlights a dove and the words "Confirmed in Christ". Beautiful!

Item Code: 30358

$ 32.95 CDN

Maple Holy Spirit Crucifix

This beautiful crucifix is from the Devon Signature Series of products and comes in their beautiful blue box for giving. The genuine maple crucifix measures 9" in height and features an oval Holy Spirit medallion at the base of the cross. The quality of this crucifix ensures that it will be an accompaniment to prayer throughout a lifetime.

Item Code: 30378

$ 45.95 CDN

Armor of God Wall Cross

From the Armor of God series, this 12" wall cross is a wonderful gift for a young man's Confirmation. The flared cross has a shield at its centre and, etched on it is the Full Armor of God quotation. Masculine and meaningful. Resin.

Item Code: 30389

$ 22.95 CDN

Celtic Peace Cross

This is one of our favourite new products this year! From Wild Good Studio, this Celtic Peace Cross features a dove at its centre. Made of a resin-stone mix, this would also make a nice Confirmation gift. 5-1/2".

Item Code: 40392

$ 32.95 CDN

Elongated Confirmation Wall Cross

This elongated cross has a modern feel that the young people love. Made of resin, this wall cross has a wood-look base with a metal-look cross and the word "CONFIRMED" on it with a dove at the centre. 8-1/2" long.

Item Code: 30419

$ 19.95 CDN

Lace Confirmation Cross

She's going to love this beautiful wall cross! The curved arms of this porcelain cross look to be decorated with fine lace. A downward dove hovers of the centre of the cross. Truly lovely and a favourite of this year's new products. 7-1/2" tall.

Item Code: 30421

$ 28.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Wall Cross

This is a beautiful wall cross for boys or girls. The cross is decorated in gold with a cut out Holy Spirit dove image and the bible verse Isaiah 11:2 - The spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him: a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, a spirit of counsel and of strength, a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the LORD...which is faintly printed on the cross. It makes a great gift for any Confirmation candidate and is sure to be an ideal keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. Resin; 8-1/2" high.

Item Code: 30468

$ 15.95 CDN

Standing Filigree Confirmation Cross

This gorgeous pewter filigree cross is one-of-a-kind! It's made to stand on a table and, at the end of each arm, are red stone accents. Hanging in the centre is the dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Measurements: 5¼" x 3½"

Item Code: 30038

$ 18.99 CDN

Pearlized Gifts of the Spirit Easel

This pretty Confirmation cross comes with an easel for tabletop display. Against an open white rectangle is a cross with the Holy Spirit in dove form at is centre. The lower arm of the cross shows an open Bible with the gifts of the Spirit listed. Comes with a card as shown in the photo. Measures 4" x 3" and is suitable for boys or girls.

Item Code: 30274

$ 13.95 CDN

Standing Confirmation Cross

This Confirmation cross has filigree work, which makes it nice for girls, and the pewter makes it solid enough for boys. Measuring 2-3/4" high x 2-1/4" wide, the cross sits on a pewter base with the words "Confirmed in Christ" etched along the bottom. At the centre of the cross is a dove charm. Each of the arms of the cross boasts red crystals (red being the symbols of Confirmation). Beautiful piece and, because of its smaller size, can be used everywhere!

Item Code: 30306

$ 12.95 CDN

Standing Confirmation Cross

From the beautiful pewter studios of Cathedral Art, this Confirmation cross will stand on a tabletop. The Trinity/budded arms are decorated with a floral design and, at the centre, is the Holy Spirit in dove form. On the base, the words "Confirmed in Christ" are etched. 4-1/2" tall x 3" wide.

Item Code: 30268

$ 16.95 CDN

Deluxe Confirmation Set White Rosary

This beautiful set comes from the pewter artisans at Cathedral Art. The set consists of a white pearl rosary with a beautiful, and unusual, square centrepiece and simple crucifix. What takes this set over the top, is the gorgeous rosary keepsake box. Made of brass, the pewter top has a detailed image of the Holy Spirit in dove form and the words "Confirmed in Christ". Comes gift boxed as shown in the photo.

Item Code: 30336

$ 40.59 CDN

Confirmation Rosary & Booklet

This set of rosary and prayer card comes inside a red gauze drawstring bag that's decorated with white doves. Inside, is a beautiful Confirmation rosary with pearl beads and red "Our Father" beads. The centre has a beautifully detailed picture of the Holy Spirit in dove form. Also included, is a small booklet outlining the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the "Hail Holy Queen". The rosary is beautiful and is so nicely packaged for giving!

Item Code: 30017

$ 13.95 CDN

Confirmation Rosary with Heart Beads

Make the day extra special with a gift of a Confirmation Heart Rosary. At the centre, is a descending dove. The crucifix is traditional and detailed. The red heart-shaped acrylic beads measure 6mm and have a reflective centre. This rosary is a perfect gift to capture the joyful spirit of their Confirmation day. It is an ideal keepsake that can be used and treasured for years to come. 19" in length.

Item Code: 30201

$ 8.95 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Rosary

What a beautiful rosary at a great price! The red acrylic beads almost look to be made of marble and are decorated with gold. (Red is the colour of Confirmation.) The centre features the Holy Spirit in dove form and the crucifix has nice detail. Beads measure 8mm and the crucifix is just under 2" long.

Item Code: 30230

$ 6.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Rosary

This is a very striking rosary with gold-tone dove centre and crucifix against round red beads. The red colour will serve as a constant reminder of Confirmation. Comes beautifully gift-boxed as shown in the photo. Pair with a red rosary case (item #30291) for a perfect gift!

Item Code: 30292

$ 14.95 CDN

Confirmation Rosary & Case

Two gifts in one, this set combines a small Confirmation rosary with a lovely gold metal rosary case. The rosary has white Hail Mary beads and red Our Father beads that are 2mm in size. The rosary is 10" long with a 1" crucifix. The beautiful rosary case is oval with etching on the sides and bottom. The top features colourful Confirmation images and measures 2" x 1-1/2". Made in Italy.

Item Code: 30377

$ 15.95 CDN

Confirmation Cord Wood Rosary

This cord rosary is durably crafted of wood beads and extra strong nylon cord for many years of use. Comes with a Holy Spirit image on the centerpiece and Our Father beads and, by design, easily avoids getting tangled. Includes a prayer card and is value priced to be given away during religious gatherings, including Confirmation celebrations.

Front of card reads: Come Holy Spirit, Enlighten me with Your Gifts. Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety, Fear of the Lord

Back of card reads: Come Holy Spirit O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore You. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, and console me. Tell me what I should do, give me Your orders. I promise to submit myself to all that You desire of me, and to accept all that You permit to happen to me. Let me only know Your will. Amen. "A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who...raise their mind with humble confidence to God."

Item Code: 30475

$ 4.10 CDN

Come Holy Spirit Red Rosary Case

Pair this stunning rosary case with a red Confirmation rosary and you have a beautiful gift! Made of red satin, the words "Come Holy Spirit" are embroidered in white. The invisible zipper adds extra quality to this case. Rosary not included.

Item Code: 30231

$ 5.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Rosary Box Keychain

This is a quality-made keyring that could hold any number of things...a very small rosary, pills, prayer intentions, etc. The detail on this case is exquisite with the top featuring a raised detail of the Holy Spirit in dove form and, on the reverse, the words "O HOLY SPIRIT ENLIGHTEN ME". Rosary not included.

Item Code: 30241

$ 12.95 CDN

Confirmation Music Box

This lovely wooden music box plays "Amazing Grace". The top has a Confirmation prayer and cross image but this can be replaced with a photo and, as a result, can be treasured for many, many years. 6" x 4" x 3". Works for both boys and girls.

Item Code: 30381

$ 31.95 CDN

Confirmation Keepsake & Music Box

This lovely music box is made of wood with dark finish. The Confirmation prayer in the lid can be replaced with a photo or any other image so makes the music box a treasure that remains current year after year. Song: Amazing Grace. Suitable for boys or girls. 6" x 4" x 2-1/2".

Item Code: 30424

$ 30.95 CDN

Wood Look Confirmation Box

Here is a rustic looking Confirmation box, to hold rosaries, miraculous medals, and any other jewelry Confirmandi may be given for receiving their sacrament. A nice display piece, which would be suitable for a boy or a girl. Made of resin, 3"x2"x1.75".

Item Code: 30476

$ 24.80 CDN

Red Enameled with White Holy Spirit Pyx

Set young people on a path of devotion with this pyx that works as a beautiful keepsake box for a rosary or jewelry. The image of the Dove of the Holy Spirit is shown in white, with an olive branch, and a red background. The image on the lid is done in enamel. Made in Italy, this is a larger box at 2-1/4" in diameter. A press button latch keeps the contents secure.

Item Code: 30484

$ 28.60 CDN

Come Holy Spirit Jumbo Bookmark

This large bookmark features the words "Come Holy Spirit, enlighten me with your gifts" and has the gifts of the Spirit listed on the front.

The back of the bookmark reads: O Holy Spirit, thank You for coming upon me in Confirmation, as You descended upon the Apostles on the day of Pentecost. I adore You. Please illuminate my heart; guide me, strengthen me, and console me. Help me know what I should do. I promise to submit myself to Jesus, and all that You desire of me. I accept all that You permit to happen to me. Let me only know Your Will. Amen.

Material: Laminated Cardstock

Size: 2-1/2 x 6-1/2" H

Item Code: 30487

$ 1.75 CDN

Laminated Confirmation Holy Card

This full colour holy card is laminated for durability. One side features gifts of the Holy Spirit with various Confirmation images. On the reverse, is a beautiful Confirmation Prayer. Nice memento of a special day!

Large quantity in stock!

Item Code: 30441

$ 0.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Laminated Confirmation Card

Here is an example of a laminated Holy card that features the beautiful Catholic imagery of the Dove of the Holy Spirit, with a distinctive gold foil stamping design on the front and a prayer on the back. The crystal clear laminating improves it's durability.

Prayer on back: Holy Spirit, beloved of my Soul, I adore You. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me. Tell me what I should do; tell me Your orders. I promise to submit myself to all that You desire of me, and to accept all that You permit to happen to me. Let me only know Your Will.

Material: Laminated Cardstock

Size: 2-5/8 x 4-3/8" H

Item Code: 30486

$ 0.95 CDN

Sacred Moments Scrapbook Kit

We want to treasure those sacred moments of spiritual development forever! The papers and stickers provided in this kit will keep those memories vivid forever. The kit contains 6 (12" x 12") coordinating papers and 1 sheet each of word stickers, paper borders, 3-D stickers, and alphabets. You'll find scripture stickers and corners and borders...everything you need!

Regular price: $11.99

Item Code: 20011

$ 8.99 CDN

Horizontal Confirmation Frame

This is a really unique frame and, with its horizontal positioning, is great for wider angle photos. The frame has a dove and white ribbon on the side and, beneath that, the words "Confirmation Blessings". The silver tones make it neutral enough for any décor or gender.

Item Code: 30288

$ 22.95 CDN

Glass Confirmation Frame

They will just LOVE this beautiful frame! Made of glass in blues and greens, it measures 9" x 7" and holds a 6" x 4" photo. A green dove in flight is in the lower corner as a symbol of Confirmation.

Item Code: 30344

$ 25.95 CDN

Photo Frame & Album Gift Set

This handmade gift set is from Milagros. It features an ivory dove on the front along with the words "Confirmed in Christ". Untie the ribbon and open the folder to see a frame on one side and photo album on the other. This is a nice set for display or storing mementos of the day. Album holds 20-4" x 6" photos. Suitable for boys or girls.

Item Code: 30367

$ 8.95 CDN

Granddaughter Confirmation Frame

This elegant frame has a Confirmation prayer on one side and a place for a photo on the opposite site. A raised pewter dove sits above the prayer on this silver-plated frame. "Granddaughter On Your Confirmation" is printed above the prayer. Holds a 5 x 3-1/2" photo and includes a small plaque that you can take to your local engraver and stick to the frame for a personalized touch.

Item Code: 30384

$ 29.77 CDN

Crossfish Confirmation Frame

This black and gold frame is from the Dimensions of Christ product line. The CrossFish hangs from one of the oval "windows" in the frame...a CrossFish looks different from each angel moving from a cross shape to a fish shape. The other oval holds a 4" x 6" photo. A gold dove and the words "Confirmed in Christ" show nicely against the black background. Made of a resin-stone mix. 7" x 7".

Item Code: 30422

$ 34.46 CDN

Wood Look Confirmation Frame

Here is a rustic looking Confirmation frame, to display a 4x6 photo of your Confirmandi on the day they receive the blessed sacrament. A nice display piece, which would be suitable for a boy or a girl. Made of resin, 6.75"H 6.25"W 0.63"D.

Item Code: 30477

$ 32.79 CDN

Wire Look Confirmation Frame

This Frame appears to be made of twisted wire, in a starburst design around the 4x6 photo of your Confirmandi. This would be a fantastic gift to help commemorate their special day, and would be suitable for a boy or a girl. This frame is made of resin, and stands 8" high.

Item Code: 30478

$ 39.98 CDN

Boy Confirmation Frame

This Confirmation frame is an oval shape, with doves flying around the frame, and a boy stands holding his bible, wearing a suit and Confirmation stole. This frame stands 6" tall, and comes gift boxed. This items is value priced!

Email if you would like to order a large quantity of this item.

Made of Resin

Item Code: 30489

$ 3.00 CDN

Girl Confirmation Frame

This Confirmation frame is an oval shape, with doves flying around the frame, and a girl stands, wearing a white dress and Confirmation stole. This frame stands 6" tall, and comes gift boxed. This items is value priced!

Email if you would like to order a large quantity of this item.

Made of Resin

Item Code: 30490

$ 3.00 CDN

St. Joseph Confirmation Book

This meaningful book has a hard, red cover and is an illustrated Confirmation book with catechetical instructions, the rite of Confirmation, highlights from the Gospels, and prayers to the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It is 288 pages and measures 4" x 6¼".

Item Code: 30115

$ 11.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Novena & Prayer Booklet

The beautiful and vintage-look images in this booklet are just beautiful! The booklet includes a novena, consecration to the Holy Spirita, litany to the Holy Spirit, and a few other prayers. Great to tuck into the card or gift for Confirmation. 24 pages, measures just under 6" x 4".

Item Code: 30160

$ 3.25 CDN

YouCat Catechism

YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which was launched on World Youth Day, 2011. Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. The appealing graphic format includes Questions-and-Answers, highly-readable commentary, summary definitions of key terms, Bible citations and inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from Saints and others in the margins. What's more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so people can go deeper. It explains what Catholics believe and why (doctrine), how Catholics celebrate the mysteries of the faith (sacraments), how Catholics are to live (moral life), and how they should pray (prayer and spirituality).

The questions are direct and honest, even at times tough; the answers straight-forward, relevant, and compelling. YOUCAT will likely become the "go-to" place for young people to learn the truth about the Catholic faith. Illustrated.

Softcover; 301 page

Item Code: 30178

$ 28.95 CDN

YouCat Youth Prayer Book

The internationally best-selling book, YOUCAT - The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, explains to young people the meaning of their faith in language, style and design that appeals greatly to them. Now YOUCAT - The Youth Prayer Book, helps them to live their faith and deepen their spiritual lives. This prayer book includes new and traditional prayers. It also provides practical advice on how to pray: in the morning, in the evening, and in between; in sorrow or in joy. The prayer book is illustrated with many photos of young people from all over the world. Soft cover; 135 pages.

Item Code: 30395

$ 24.95 CDN

Following the Holy Spirit (Prayer Book)

Following the Holy Spirit by Catholic Book Publishing is a valuable book of prayers and devotions to know, love and follow the Holy Spirit; it serves as a primer on the vital role that the Holy Spirit plays in the lives of all Catholics. With an attractive red embossed cover, large type and beautiful, inspiring illustrations, this 288-page book will lead readers to a better understanding and closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Item Code: 30465

$ 16.80 CDN

Pray the Rosary Pamphlet

This quarter-fold paper pamphlet outlines how to pray the Rosary and includes all 20 mysteries. With colour images, the pamphlet is a nice accompaniment for those new to the rosary and those who are familiar with it.

Item Code: 51471-2

$ 0.68 CDN

NRSV Student Bible

The Student Bible's proven, commonsense approach to studying the Scriptures appeals to high school and college readers as well as adults of every age. It's carefully researched features will help you overcome common obstacles to reading and understanding the Bible. Edited by award-winning authors Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford, this Bible enables you to understand what you read, find the topics you're looking for, and make real progress in your studies. Also included is a study track that takes you on a fascinating and enriching year-long tour of the Bible. Recommended for home-school use. Would make a wonderful Confirmation Gift! Hardcover.

This book is offered to you at a discounted price because it is considered, publishers’ excess. There is a small mark on the edge of the pages to ensure this book will not be returned to the publisher. Rest assured, this book is unread and in excellent condition!

List price: $44.17

Save $21.17!

Item Code: 30488

$ 23.00 CDN

Confirmation Pocket Token

This handsome pewter token is a great reminder to keep your faith at the forefront. Tuck it into pocket or purse. Great in a gift card, too! Measures 1" in diameter, one side features a dove with olive branch and the words "Confirmed in Christ". On the reverse: By this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit that He has given us. 1 John 3:24.

Contact us if you would like to order a large quantity of this token!

Item Code: 30289

$ 3.00 CDN

Confirmation Token

This 1" token has the look of a wax seal. One side features a dove and cross while, on the reverse, are the words "Grow in grace and knowledge". What a perfect sentiment! Comes packaged in Confirmation packaging. Could easily be tucked into a card.

Item Code: 30305

$ 2.95 CDN

Large Confirmation Token

This colourful and beautiful pewter token is larger than many pocket tokens. One side features a nicely detailed dove surrounded by sparkling red enamel (red being the colour of Confirmation). The reverse features the words: CONFIRMED IN CHRIST For through faith, you are all children of God, in Christ Jesus. Galations 3:26. 1-1/4" in diameter.

Contact us if you would like to order a large quantity of this token!

Item Code: 30392

$ 5.00 CDN

Oval Confirmation Token

Tokens for Confirmation are a customer favourite but this one, that is new this year, is especially lovely. This 1" oval token shows traditional Confirmation images on one side and, on the reverse, the words "Come Holy Spirit".

Item Code: 30400

$ 1.25 CDN

Confirmed in Christ Pocket Token

This two-sided pocket token features a dove, cross, and "Confirmed in Christ" on one side and, on the reverse, a quote from Romans 5:5. At 1-1/4" in diameter it's a nice side and the matte finish is ideal for pocket use.

Item Code: 30411

$ 5.95 CDN

Shiny Confirmation Pocket Token

This shiny metal pocket token has a lovely raised dove outline on one side and, on the reverse, the word "Confirmed in Christ" with a cross and olive branches. Just over 1" in diameter.

Item Code: 30412

$ 4.95 CDN

Confirmation Token/Coin Set

This set provides a metal token with Confirmation symbols and a matching square prayer card with a Confirmation Prayer on the reverse. Both are housed in a clear plastic folder for storage and easy carrying. The token is 1" in diameter.

Item Code: 30428

$ 2.95 CDN

Armor of God Pocket Coin & Box

This 2-piece set is part of the popular "Armor of God" gift line and is perfect for boys and men of any age or any Sacramental occasion. This set consists of a large pocket coin and a round tin box. The lid of the box has a clear window to fully view the coin. At 1-3/4", the antique brass coin is built for durability. One side feature the corresponding scripture and the other side shows the various pieces of armor. The round matte silver tin box is 2-1/2" which makes it perfect for storing other items such as rosaries and tie clips.

Item Code: 30458

$ 10.95 CDN

Round Gifts of the Spirit Plaque

This beautiful round wall plaque is sure to be a favourite! It makes a very special gift for Confirmation since it reminds us of the gifts received. At the centre, surrounded by white doves, are the words "Gifts of the Spirit". On the far outer edge, against a teal blue background, the gifts are listed: wisdom, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, understanding, piety, fear of the Lord. This is a very unique and beautiful plaque.

Only 1 left!

Item Code: 30227

$ 16.95 CDN

Armor of God Coin Tray

This is a nice tray for men of any age! The tray features the full armor of God as ourlined in the bible and, the bible text is printed on the edge of the tray. Four pads are on the bottom of the tray to protect your surfaces. The tray is done in an antique copper and stone finish and measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Item Code: 30266

$ 10.95 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Pearlized Plaque

This unique and meaningful gift has the look and feel of European gifts. It features a raised red cross listing the gifts of the Spirit and a white dove. Set against a white pearlized background, the cross and the verse beneath it are given extra shine. Verse: Come Holy Spirit, Enlighten me with Your Gifts: Understanding... Knowledge... Counsel... Fortitude... Wisdom... Piety... Fear of the Lord. Measures 7" x 3 1/2".

Item Code: 30273

$ 25.95 CDN

Prayer Shrine for Confirmation

This prayer shrine is a perfect memento for Confirmation. The 3-dimensional shrine sits tabletop and features colour images and Confirmation symbols. In addition, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed. Measures 4" x 3".

Item Code: 30349

$ 5.50 CDN

Small Confirmation Plaque

Although small, this plaque is not short on meaning or detail. At 2-1/2 tall x 1-1/4" wide, the tops curl like a scroll. Raised and colourful Confirmation images serve as a remembrance of a Confirmation day. Silver "rays" shine behind the images and reflect the light. Sits tabletop.

Item Code: 30366

$ 4.95 CDN

JOY Plaque with Metal Holder

This is a weighty plaque made of cement. The peace dove image makes it suitable for Confirmation but it makes a beautiful ornament for home. It measures 6" x 8" x 1-1/4" and has a keyhole on the back for wall hanging or it can be displayed on the metal holder that is included. Pair it with the Faith Plaque (Item #40351).

Item Code: 40350

$ 19.95 CDN

Armor of God Plaque

Part of the "Armor of God" series, this is a lovely 4" x 6" tabletop plaque with a bronze-coloured shield. Boys really love these products...they're masculine and meaningful and can be used for many, many years to come.

Item Code: 30388

$ 11.95 CDN

Confirmation Plaque

This plaque is perfect for those hard-to-buy-for boys. At 6", it has the look of a carved piece. For wall display, the plaque features a downward facing dove; the words "Confirmed in Christ" are etched in capital letters around the outside. Made of resin.

Item Code: 30434

$ 22.95 CDN

Alabaster Holy Spirit Holy Water Font

This beautiful holy water font makes the perfect gift for Confirmation and is suitable for girls or boys. Made in Italy of creamy alabaster, the gold accents highlight the detail of this beautiful piece. The symbol of the dove is on the centre back of the font and, on the bowl itself, is a gold cross. A classic gift that can grace the wall of any room for a lifetime. This unique holy water font measures 5" high x 2¾" wide x 1½" deep.

Regular price: $33.99

Item Code: 30002

$ 25.95 CDN

Gifts of the Spirit Pewter Key Ring

The detail on this roung pewter key ring is wonderful! On one side are doves circling the words "Gifts of the Spirit" and, on the reverse, the seven gifts are listed. This is a great memento and reminder of Confirmation.

Item Code: 30257

$ 4.16 CDN

Olive Wood Confirmation Gifts Keychain

Meaningful, practical, attractive -- this keychain is all those things and more! Made of olive wood, there is a nice depth to the wood and it wears nicely. One side features a dove as shown and, on the reverse, the 7 gifts of the Spirit are listed. 3-1/4" long.

Item Code: 30404

$ 13.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Keychain Whistle

This is a great and unique gift that is both meaningful and practical. The keyring holds a whistle and twists open to reveal an prayer to the Holy Spirit rolled up inside. This will keep them physically and spiritually safe! 4-1/4" long; scroll inside is 1-1/4" x 5". Verse on whistle: Come Holy Spirit.

Item Code: 30440

$ 3.50 CDN

Holy Spirit Keyring

This keyring features the Holy Spirit in dove form surrounded by a red enamel (the colour for Confirmation). The detailing on the dove is clear. Great for boys or girls, men or women.

Item Code: 51409

$ 2.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Confirmation Cross Key Chain

This devotional key chain is crafted of sturdy zinc alloy, contains a full-color epoxy image and includes a split ring for secure holding of keys. Perfectly priced forgive-aways during religious gatherings and feast days.

Makes a great gift for those celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Material: Zinc Alloy/Epoxy

Size: 4" L

Item Code: 30482

$ 2.95 CDN

Holy Spirit Bookmark of Sheer Ribbon

This beautiful sheer bookmark has an elegant and full tassle and one end and is weighted with a silver-toned pendant with the dove symbol on one side and "Confirmed in Christ Romans 15:13" engraved on the reverse. Measurements: 1" wide x 16½" long

Regular price: $8.99

Item Code: 30037

$ 6.99 CDN

Premium Holy Spirit Bookmark

This lightly laminated bookmark is a lovely keepsake to mark a Confirmation for a boy or girl. The lightly laminated bookmark has an arched top and gold tassel with gold accents throughout the images and edging. There is an oval raised "medal" of the Holy Spirit above the larger image on one side. The back of the card has a prayer to the Holy Spirit. 6-1/4" x 2-1/4".

Item Code: 30462

$ 2.95 CDN

Metal Dove Bookmark

This attractive metal bookmark has an open dove hanging from the outside. The bookmark is 5-1/2" in length and works with virtually any book.

Item Code: 30463

$ 2.95 CDN

Fruits of the Spirit Picture

This beautifully framed picture shows various fruits, including apples in a basket, at the top and in the bottom in script are the fruits of the Spirit. The frame is antique gold with a scroll feature around the print. The print is surrounded by a brown mat. This is a great gift for Confirmation or RCIA or just as a reminder of the gifts we all received on our Confirmation day. Measurements: 15" x 6".

Item Code: 30248

$ 32.95 CDN

Framed Fruits of the Spirit

An antique gold frame sets of this cream and taupe picture perfectly! The ivory mat surrounding the image sets it off nicely. The image shows grapes at the top and lists the egifts of the Spirit in various scripts beneath. Very nice gift for yourself, for Confirmation, or for RCIA. Measures 18" x 8 1/2". Looks professionally framed!

Item Code: 30249

$ 35.95 CDN

Mini-Notes for the Spirit

Think of these petite notes as the greeting card equivalent of a "tweet"! Each offers a short sentiment and just enough space to write your own personal message. Sized perfectly for slipping in purses, briefcases, gifts and more. Set includes 10 - 3 1/8" x 2 1/4" MiniNotes cards-five each of two messages: "Blessings" and "Peace Be With You." Also includes 10 mini envelopes and a coordinating carrier envelope to store them all. Features artwork adapted from Josef Seboth's (c. 1814-1883) "Alpine Plants Painted from Nature" Vol. 3 - Plate #58 found in the Saint Meinrad Archabbey Library Collection Rare Book Room. Design by local Indiana artist Ashley M. Verkamp. Printed on FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer fiber using soy-based inks.

Item Code: 90089

$ 10.95 CDN