Divine Mercy


Divine Mercy Pocket Token & Card

The pewter pocket token has the image of the Divine Mercy on one side and, on the reverse, Jesus, I trust in you! Comes with a small card that has a colour image of the Divine Mercy on one side and instructions for saying the chaplet on the reverse. Comes in a plastic pouch measuring just under 3 inches square. Token ìs 1 inch in diameter.

Item Code: 50148

$ 2.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Visor Clip

Here is a substantial visor clip that could be used in many places other than in vehicles. Measuring 2-1/2" x 2", the pewter clip features the image of the Divine Mercy with the words "Jesus, I Trust in You!" along the bottom.

Item Code: 50644

$ 10.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Rosary

This rosary, dedicated to the Divine Mercy, features round red beads. The centrepiece is of Mary and the crucifix has flared arms and has a Divine Mercy medal attached to it. Comes with a prayer card that has the image on one side and, on the reverse, a chaplet prayer. Comes gift boxed as shown in the photo. Please note that the beads are a brighter red and not a burgundy colour that appears in the photo.

Item Code: 50827

$ 19.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Medal Pendant & Card Set

This Divine Mercy Set includes a laminated prayer card and medal pendant. The prayer card has a colour image on one side and, on the reverse, the Divine Mercy prayers and instructions. The pendant has an oval Divine Mercy medal. Great for those new to this devotion as well as those well-versed in the prayers.

Item Code: 51143

$ 11.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Statue (6")

This 6" statue of the Divine Mercy is from Joseph Studio's Renaissance Collection. Known for their life-like detail, this statue is no exception. Resin-stone mix.

Item Code: 40385

$ 36.26 CDN

Divine Mercy Pocket Statue

Here's a nice set that's easy to carry and have on-hand. A clear plastic case holds a metal statue of the Divine Mercy as well as a full-colour prayer card. Statue is 1-3/4" tall x 1" wide; case is 2-1/2" square.

Item Code: 51156

$ 4.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Triptych

Perfect for your personal devotions, this beautiful triptych is sure to facilitate your prayer life...especially during this Year of Mercy. The triptych has an arched top and hinged sides. Gold accented mosaics highlight the rich colours of the Divine Mercy and the angels on either side (that are different than those shown in the photo but are angels, none the less). The outside has a raised gold design making the triptych beautiful while being used or when closed. Measurements when open - 4-3/4" x 3"; closed - 2-1/4" x 3".

Item Code: 51158

$ 27.06 CDN

Divine Mercy Rosary Ring

The red enamel highlights set this rosary ring above the norm. There is a spot at the top if you want to hang it from a cord or chain.

Item Code: 51170

$ 2.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Visor Clip

Although sold as a visor clip, don't limit yourself to using this only in a vehicle! The oval pewter image is 2-1/4" in length.

Item Code: 51171

$ 8.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Rosary with Bookmark

This small and delicate rosary is a great devotional item during this Year of Mercy. The rosary comes on a bookmark as shown in the photo. The rosary has red beads and a Papal crucifix.

Item Code: 51218

$ 4.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Crystal Bead Rosary

This lovely rosary is an excellent way to mark the Year of Mercy. Full colour images of the Divine Mercy are on the cross and centrepiece. Hail Mary beads are clear and faceted. Nicely packaged in a clear box with prayer card as shown.

Item Code: 51220

$ 20.95 CDN

Year of Mercy Rosary

Mark this Holy Year of Mercy with a special rosary! This is a nice weighty rosary that works for men or women. The decades alternate between red crystal faceted beads and clear crystal faceted beads. The centrepiece is the image of the Divine Mercy and the Shepherd's Cross finishes it nicely. Beads are 8mm in size; 18" long.

Item Code: 51254

$ 22.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Bracelet

This lovely bracelet features a cross and a Divine Mercy medal separated by clear and red faceted plastic beads. It measures 7-1/2" in length and closes with a lobster clasp. Use it as a devotional for your prayers, too!

Item Code: 51309

$ 3.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Cross

In rich colour, this 12" cross shows the image of the Divine Mercy and Sister Faustina. The flat cross is made of wood with a full colour images and shiny gold accents laminated on top.

Item Code: 40435

$ 14.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Novena & Chaplet Pamphlet

Contains the complete Novena and instructions on how to pray the Chaplet.

Item Code: 51479

$ 1.00 CDN

Divine Mercy Finger Rosary

The image of the Divine Mercy is the highlight of this wonderfully detailed finger rosary. This solid finger rosary can be tucked in pocket, purse, or car so it's always at the ready!

Item Code: 50124

$ 1.79 CDN

Divine Mercy Single Decade Rosary

This single decade rosary is a small work of art! This will be greatly appreciated by those with a devotion to the Divine Mercy. The round beads show the image of the Divine Mercy on one side and, on the other, the words "Jesus I Trust in You". The centre and the crucifix are stunning with the red enamel inlay.

Item Code: 50402

$ 9.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Key Ring (Spanish)

The beautiful images on the cross of this key ring will inspire devotion! Made in Mexico, the cross measures 3" in length and is made of wood. It features colour images of the Divine Mercy at the centre surrounded by images of the life of Jesus in each arm. The prayer on the back is in Spanish.

Item Code: 50995

$ 5.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Holy Card

This prayer card is made of heavy card stock and shows the Divine Mercy is beautiful rich colours with a traditional look.

Item Code: 51088

$ 0.55 CDN

Divine Mercy Beaded Bookmark

This corded bookmark has amber and silver beads and, at the bottom, a colour Divine Mercy medal that is rectangular in shape.

Item Code: 51182

$ 2.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Tabletop Stand

This tabletop stand is perfectly sized to bring the Divine Mercy to mind wherever you are. The plastic stand has a colour image of the Divine Mercy. 1-3/4" x 1-1/4".

Item Code: 51185

$ 2.25 CDN

Divine Mercy Chaplet

This set consists of a beautiful crystal and red Divine Mercy chaplet and a prayer card that includes instructions for use.

Item Code: 50240

$ 19.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Rosary

This pretty rosary, dedicated to the Divine Mercy, features a red and clear faceted beads. It comes in a small plastic case with a booklet about the Divine Mercy and praying the rosary. The red colour of the beads would also make this a nice Confirmation gift.

Item Code: 51024

$ 14.95 CDN

Divine Mercy Auto Rosary

This beautiful auto rosary features the image of the Divine Mercy in the center in silver, the unique red beads have a marbled colouring.

Item Code: 51481

$ 12.87 CDN