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Catholic Family Bible

Described as the "World's Best Bible for Catholics", this is a lovely bible that will certainly become a family heirloom. The New American Bible, Family Edition, has a hard white cover and gold-edging on the pages. An added bonus is that the text is in large print so it's easy for children and elderly alike. There are pages for the family tree and family events. Maps, pictures, and the Rosary are colourfully displayed throughout. The words spoken by Jesus are in red text. Comes in a lovely, sturdy gift box that doubles for storage. Would be a wonderful wedding gift!

Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee against Manufacturing defects.

Measurements: 9" x 11½" x 2½".

Item Code: 40042

$ 99.95 CDN

New American Bible Flexible Giant Type

The Giant Type Edition of the St. Joseph New American Bible features the largest type of any Catholic Bible in a comparable size. Includes the complete Old and New Testaments in giant, easy-to-read 14-pt. type. The focus in this edition of the St. Joseph New American Bible is placed on the text, which is arranged for easy reading. The complete text of Vatican II's Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) explains the Catholic Church's renewed regard for Scripture reading by all faithful Catholics. This magnificent Giant Type Edition of the St. Joseph New American Bible from Catholic Book Publishing comes in an easy-to-use 6-1/2 x 9-1/4 format and is durably bound in a flexible soft cover.

Item Code: 51503

$ 65.70 CDN

Catholic Holy Bible Reader's Edition

The NLT Catholic Readers Edition, is approved by the Catholic Church for reading and study and including the official Imprimatur. The Bible includes the New Living Translation text with deuterocanonical books. It also features book introductions to aid your personal study, and a ribbon to help you keep your place. The New Living Translation is an authoritative Bible translation rendered faithfully into today’s English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars.

Item Code: 51480

$ 40.99 CDN

Go-Anywhere Thinline Bible

The NRSV Go-Anywhere Compact Thinline Bible is the most portable edition of the NRSV available today. At 1" thick, this edition combines portability with the readability of a larger Bible. Perfect for personal use or for gift giving. The New Revised Standard Version is the most trusted, most accepted, and most accurate translation of the Bible on the market. The soft cover is made of bonded black leather with silver-edged pages; fine Bible paper is used to maximize readability and portability; it has an easy-to-read typeface in a double-column setting; it includes maps; it has a ribbon marker; and a presentation page for gift-giving. Beautiful Catholic edition!

Item Code: 50332

$ 40.95 CDN

Catholic Women's Bible, NABRE

The role of women throughout salvation history is important, amazing -- and often overlooked and their stories form the foundation of Christianity. At every significant moment in the history of salvation women are present, and these inspirational meditations highlight women's roles as God's plan for humanity unfolds. The Catholic Women's Bible from Our Sunday Visitor, is designed to help women deepen their spirituality and prayer lives by combining the trusted NABRE version with 84 full-page meditation inserts -- written for women by women -- cover the entire landscape of women's lives. Use these uniquely inspirational inserts to explore the Bible like never before. Perfect for individual or group study.

Item Code: 51064

$ 36.95 CDN

Catholic Men's Bible

Teacher and author, Fr. Larry Richards, has the God-given gift of being able to meet men right where they are, and his no-holds-barred approach has helped millions draw closer to God and more fully live out their Catholic faith. Now for the first time, Our Sunday Visitor has combined the trusted NABRE version of the Catholic Bible with the teachings, wisdom, and instruction of Fr. Larry Richards in the Catholic Men's Bible, NABRE. In 88 inserts, you will be challenged, enlightened, and even amused with topics such as, the Most Important Question, the Key to Manhood, God Has a Plan for Your Life, Men Strengthen Men, Sex is Holy, the Courage to Be a Man, What a Good Man is Like, and Just Do It! The combination of Holy Scripture with Fr. Larry's instructional selections gives you a new and easy way to become the man God intended you to be by incorporating Bible study into your daily life. Soft cover.

Item Code: 51075

$ 36.95 CDN

Ignatius Catholic Bible, Large Print

This special deluxe leather edition of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible is acclaimed by many as the clearest, most accurate and most beautiful modern translation of the Bible. This large print version makes this Bible translation more accessible and appealing to a wider reading audience. Among those features are the lovely gift box it comes in. Special features include a section that gives the Lectionary readings, prayers and devotions of the Catholic Church, a 16-page map section, an 8-page resentation and Family History section, ribbon marker, gold-gilded pages, and a black bonded leather soft cover.

Item Code: 51117

$ 94.95 CDN

New Testament, St. Joseph Edition

This New Testament by St. Joseph features a study guide and some illustrations. The text is a good size for reading. It includes Bible definitions, a doctrinal index, and tips on reading the Bible. Soft-cover.

Item Code: 50408

$ 14.95 CDN

St. Joseph Guide to the Bible

This guide by Karl A. Schultz with show you how to approach, and become comfortable with, studying the Bible. It covers how to choose a Bible, how to create a reading plan, plus loads of information to help give you a better understanding of the Bible. Soft cover. 144 pages. 5" x 7".

Item Code: 50410

$ 13.95 CDN

Bible Top Tens

The understanding of, and appreciation for, the Word of God is essential to a life of faith and it can also be a lot of fun. This book is intended to open Scripture in a brand new way. By organizing important people, places, and events into lists, we can re-frame our experience and understanding of God's Word. Discover the top ten Bible misunderstandings, the top ten things to know about the Bible, the top ten animal stories, the top ten angelic appearances, or the top ten miracles. Get introduced to the top ten women with attitude, the top sibling rivalries, the heroes, the villains, or even the top ten people you should know but probably don't. Explore the top ten parables, promises, or challenges from Jesus. Use this book for family reading, small faith groups, adult study, or personal reflection. Soft cover. 159 pages.

Item Code: 50537

$ 15.95 CDN

Catholic Guide to the Bible

This guide the Bible covers the basics of biblical scholarship. Offering historical backgrounds and information about the author and the literary style of the work, it provides a theological interpretation of selected passages based on the latest Scripture scholarship and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Drawing on more than 30 years experience as a priest and Catholic educator, Father Oscar Lukefahr helps ensure that the Bible will become a friend on your journey through life.

Item Code: 50684

$ 13.95 CDN

A Year with the Bible by Patrick Madrid

Join Patrick Madrid, world-renowned writer and scholar, and discover the majesty and power of scripture in A Year with the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living. Beautifully bound and embossed, this daily devotional offers rich passages from the Bible accompanied by thoughtful meditations by Madrid. A Year with the Bible is a worthy introduction to Scripture, a daily devotional, and a tool for deeper prayer. The premium ultrasoft cover has two-tone sewn binding and it comes with a ribbon marker and gold page edges making it beautiful as well as practical. Published by Saint Benedict Press; measures approximately 6" x 8-1/2".

Item Code: 50687

$ 42.95 CDN

Bible Basics for Catholics

From biblical scholar John Bergsma (two-time Teacher of the Year at the Franciscan University of Steubenville) comes "Bible Basics for Catholics", a fresh, fun, authentically Catholic introduction to the "big picture" of salvation history. This overview of the Bible is based on Bergsma's wildly popular introduction to theology course at Franciscan University, where he is a colleague of popular author Scott Hahn. Using the skills that have made him a great teacher, Bergsma combines sound theology, academic expertise, pastoral wisdom, and an endearing playfulness to draw readers into the connection between the great stories of the Bible and salvation in Jesus. Even those who are well-versed in the stories of the Bible will find Bergsma's approach to salvation history to be an attractive new look at old stories. Softcover; 180 pages; just over 8" x 5"; published by Ave Maria Press; Forward by Dr. Scott Hahn.

Item Code: 50308

$ 16.95 CDN

The Paraclete

The Paraclete, A Manual of Instruction and Devotion is an accessible explanation of the Church's rich tradition of teachings on the Holy Spirit. Originally published in 1899 and faithfully re-typeset by TAN Books for daily use, this treatise on the grand and timeless role of the third Person of the Trinity is sure to increase your love for him and dispel any confusion about who he is and how to exercise devotion to him. Includes a beautiful description of the Sacrament of Confirmation, and devotions for every occasion, including: Prayers to the Holy Ghost before daily tasks, Daily Act of Consecration to the Holy Ghost, Divine Praises in honor of the Holy Ghost, Canticle and Litany of the Holy Ghost, Chaplet of the Holy Ghost, Devout exercises for every day of the week, Extraordinary Form of the Mass for Pentecost Sunday, and much more! Beautiful hard cover edition; 325 pages; just under 7" x 5".

Item Code: 50728

$ 44.92 CDN

For the Visitor at Mass (Booklet)

Intended primarily for new-comers (Catholic or not) to the Tridentine Mass, this booklet provides 47 colour photos and explanations of every major part of the Mass. It can be read before the Mass as a preparation or be used to follow along with the Latin Mass. 48 pages; Softcover.

Item Code: 50242

$ 3.50 CDN

Order of the Mass

This is a Mass book with approved text, that is in accordance with the New Liturgy. The type is large, and includes order of the Mass, prayers before and after Mass and communion prayers. Could also be a great companion for new-comers at Mass.

104 pages 3.5'' x 5.5''

Item Code: 51469

$ 4.73 CDN

St. Therese Novena Booklet

This beautifully illustrated booklet provides a novena to St. Therese. Invoke her intercession through use of this booklet.

Item Code: 50334

$ 2.95 CDN

St. Joseph Novena Booklet

The beautiful colour images in this booklet are a great accompaniment to the novena prayers to St. Joseph. Published by Aquinas Press, this soft cover booklet has gold accents on the front cover and measures 6" x 3-1/2" so is a great size. 24 pages.

Item Code: 50745

$ 1.95 CDN

Holy Family Novena Booklet

This beautifully illustrated booklet contains prayers and devotions with the Holy Family. Colourful and gorgeous Fratelli-Bonella Artwork grace the pages. Softcover; 24 pages; 3-3/4" x 6". Strengthen your family through the use of the prayers in this book.

Item Code: 50815

$ 2.95 CDN

Novena to St. John Vianney

A novena to St. John Vianney is beautifully presented in this 24 page booklet. All of the illustrations are in full and rich colour. It also includes a Litany and a page with biographical information. Just over 5" x 4".

Item Code: 50945

$ 3.25 CDN

Fatima & the Rosary (Book)

This soft cover book from Augustine Books recounts the Fatima story plus contains numerous devotions such as the rosary, 1st Saturday devotion, novena, act of contrition, and chaplet to Our Lady of Fatima. This small, pocket-size book is full of wonderful devotions. 48 pages.

Item Code: 51358

$ 3.25 CDN

Bible History for Catholics

This books discusses the history of salvation, taken entirely from the Scriptures with the exception of a few paragraphs. As you read God's Word we hope you will remember and re-experience His mercy and power in first creating us, then redeeming us, and finally sanctifying us. Bible History for Catholics offers a summary of both the Old and New Testaments, the story of the people of God. Book Size: 6" x 4" softcover, 96 pages.

Regular price: $6.95

Item Code: 50035

$ 5.50 CDN

Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas À Kempis needs no introduction. For more than five centuries it has been the most popular spiritual book second only to the Sacred Scriptures. It presents the fundamental principles of the spiritual life. The Christian soul is invited to follow Christ - who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. As we study its contents we are convinced that without that way, there is no going; without that truth, there is no knowing; without that life, there is no real living. This translation by Bishop Challoner, who revised the Douay-Rheims Bible in the 1740's, is the most beautiful and edifying available. The Imitation of Christ speaks to the soul of every Christian, reminding us of the brevity of earthly joy compared to the eternity of happiness with God. This spiritual classic belongs in every Christian library. Paperback, 248 pages, 5½" x 8".

Item Code: 50047

$ 13.95 CDN

The Virtues by Pope Benedict XVI

One of the greatest spiritual teachers of our day, Pope Benedict XVI has frequently spoken about the pursuit of virtue. In this series of excerpts from his homilies, addresses, and encyclical, the Holy Father draws on the lives of the saints, the Catechism, and common experiences to bring us into a deeper understanding of the virtues and how to cultivate them in our own lives so that we grow closer to the Lord. Hardcover; 134 pages.

Item Code: 50055

$ 16.95 CDN

Mass of the Early Christians by Aquilina

Written by Mike Aquilina, this paperback answers questions about the early Church: What did the first Christians believe about the Eucharis? How did they follow Jesus' command, "Do this in remembrance of me"? How did they celebrate the Lord's Day? What would they recognize in today's Mass? It includes information about how the Mass began and testimonies from a wide range of saints, popes, and others.

Item Code: 50087

$ 14.95 CDN

The Theology of the Body (Book)

In this paperback, Richard Hogan explains Pope John Paul II's teachings on the theology fo the body. Issues such as marriage, sexuality, celibacy, virginity, and the resurrection of the body are discussed.

Item Code: 50102

$ 13.95 CDN

Faith at Work by K. Lowry (Book)

Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Behond the Paycheck encourages Catholics to fully integrate faith into our everyday work lives. By doing so, we are able to find new meaning as our work experiences to draw us closer to Christ, while sanctifying each work day and acting as a source of grace for others. In today's work environments, we have an unparalleled opportunity to reflect Christ's light in practical ways, such as treating others with dignity, handling adversity with grace, and applying a long-term (eternal!) perspective to everyday situations. Through our faithfulness in even small matters, the Holy Spirit can use our daily work to transform lives.

The book uses anecdotes and examples of the faith being applied to work situations, highlighting opportunities for us to excel in both spiritual and practical terms.

Item Code: 50199

$ 16.95 CDN

Christ Acts Through the Sacraments (Bk)

First available in 1954, this book is broken into 3 parts: 1) a commentary on sacramental doctrine made easy and engaging, 2) a treatment of each sacrament one-by-one explaining the ceremonies and showing how they are not to be isolated but made the fabric of the whole Catholic life, and 3) sacramental spirituality in life, by grace, with Our Lady, and from the Cross. Useful for personal study, classrooms, and study groups. It includes 19 pages with 370 study questions pertaining to each chapter. 183 pages; Softcover.

Item Code: 50243

$ 16.95 CDN

The Apostles - Illustrated Edition

"Through the Apostles, we come to Jesus himself." -- Pope Benedict XVI

Expand the richness of Pope Benedict's timely, relevant, and Scripture-focused teachings on the Apostles with over sixty visually stunning, full-color illustrations from artists such as Giotto, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. In this fascinating and inspirational journey with the chosen disciples of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI demonstrates a profound, unbreakable continuity -- built upon the foundation of the Apostles and alive in the succession of the Apostles -- by which Christ is present today in His Church.

Item Code: 50291

$ 29.95 CDN

Preparation for Death by Liguori

Death viewed according to the senses terrifies and causes fear; but when viewed with the eyes of faith it consoles and becomes desirable. It appears terrible to sinners, but lovely and precious to the saints. - St. Alphonsus Liguori

In this popular abridgment of his monumental Preparation for Death, St. Alphonsus teaches the proper attitude toward death, which is one of readiness, of always having one's "debts cleared". He cautions against letting even one day pass without reflecting on the certainty of death, the shortness of time, and the length of eternity. Each chapter is a short consideration on some aspect of death, divided into three points easily understood by people in every state of life. Each point is followed by reflections and prayers to help one persevere in his efforts to lead a holy life.

Item Code: 50432

$ 16.95 CDN

Modern Moral Problems

Written in question-and-answer format, Modern Moral Problems addresses moral quandaries that can beguile and confuse faithful Catholics, including those regarding sexuality, medical ethics, business practices, civic responsibilities, and the sacramental life of the Church. This is a valuable reference for those seeking clear, concise answers to tough moral questions. Written by Msgr. William B. Smith, this book is interesting, informative, and practical. Soft cover. 322 pages.

Item Code: 50434

$ 19.95 CDN

7 Big Myths About the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church has long been the target of suspicion and hostility but how much is based on ignorance and prejudice and how much is the fruit of thoughtful consideration of the facts? This book by Christopher Kaczor separates fact from fiction. Without excusing or justifying wrongdoing, the author clarifies official Catholic teaching and demonstrates that much popular opinion about Catholicism is based on misunderstanding and misinformation. He also provides robust and lucid arguments for Catholic belief and practice. The 7 myths he tackles include....the Church opposes science, the Church opposes freedom and happiness, the Church hates women, the Church is indifferent to love and banned contraception, The Church hates gay people, the Church opposes same-sex marriage because of bigotry, and priestly celibacy caused the crisis of sexual abuse.

Item Code: 50442

$ 18.95 CDN

The Seven Capital Sins

Everyone, unfortunately, will see himself described in the pages of this little book, since all our sins are traceable to these seven roots: Pride, Covetousness (Avarice), Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth. The Seven Capital Sins explains the true nature, degrees, acts, and family relationships (or connecting links) among these seven vices, and it gives the remedies and safeguards against them. A must-read for every Catholic! Soft-cover; published by TAN; 4" x 6"; 62 pages.

Item Code: 50693

$ 3.95 CDN

A Year with the Church Fathers

Today, just as two thousand years ago, we fight anger, pride, lust, spiritual sloth. Now, as then, we strive to be more diligent in prayer, more faithful to the commandments, more patient and charitable toward others and, in our time, no less than in the earliest centuries of Christianity, we need wise guidance to direct us on the road to holiness. In A Year with the Church Fathers, popular Patristics expert Mike Aquilina gathers the wisest, most practical teachings and exhortations from the Fathers of the Church, and presents them in a format perfect for daily meditation and inspiration. Learn to humbly accept correction from St. Clement of Rome; let Tertullian teach you how to clear your mind before prayer; read St. Gregory the Great and deepen your love for the Eucharist; be refreshed by St. John Chrysostom's counsel; learn the way to moderation and self-control with St. John Cassian. This book is different from a study guide and more than a collection of pious passages. It is a year-long retreat that, in just a few minutes every day, will lead you on a cycle of contemplation, prayer, resolution, and spiritual growth that is guaranteed to bring you closer to God and His truth. This beautiful gift edition has a two-tone, ultra soft cover, ribbon marker, and designed interior pages. Softcover; published by Saint Benedict Press.

Item Code: 50719

$ 48.95 CDN

Way of the Cross, St. Alphonse Liguori

Follow the Way of the Cross according to St. Alphonse Liguori. This booklet provides beautiful colour illustrations for each Station of the Cross along with prayers. Soft cover; 6" x 4".

Item Code: 60058

$ 2.95 CDN

Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments

Now in 32 easy-to-read chapters, Pope Francis reveals the truth and beauty of each Sacrament, teaching us not only what they mean to the Church, but to us as Catholics - ultimately motivating us each to share these incredible gifts with a needy world. Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Holy Matrimony, Reconciliation, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick - as Catholics we are familiar with the sacraments, and see them as mileposts in our lives but, as Pope Francis so energetically reminds us, they are not simply observances, they are portals through which the Lord brings us all the power and graces that flow from his death and Resurrection. And wonderfully, each sacrament opens us to a personal encounter with Jesus. Soft cover.

Item Code: 51241

$ 17.95 CDN

St. Teresa's "The Interior Castle"

St. Teresa of Jesus, also known as St. Teresa of Avila, is one of the most popular Doctors of the Church. Her teaching on prayer has continued to inspire and guide Christians in their spiritual journeys for over four hundred years. In The Interior Castle St. Teresa describes the road by which she was led, well aware that the others may be led in a different way. In the heavenly Father's house, there are many mansions; not only seven, and many paths lead to them. What gives the work such high value is that it is the result of a most searching inquiry into the various phases whereby a soul is gradually transformed into the likeness of God Himself. Here St. Teresa is at her best. She takes nothing for granted, her own personal experiences are admitted only after having been fully investigated and found to be consistent one with the other, and conformable to the teaching of the Church and the words of Holy Scripture. Paperback, 256 pages, 5½" x 8".

Item Code: 1

$ 15.95 CDN

Favorite Prayers from Imit. of Christ

This softcover book of prayers is taken from the classic work of Thomas à Kempis. All the prayers are provided in large type for easier reading and understanding. Printed and illustrated in two colors. Size: 160 pages, 6¾" x 4½"

Item Code: 50050

$ 9.95 CDN

Catholic Treasury of Prayers (Book)

A prayer companion for all time, this treasury will accompany people on their prayer journey during different times of the day, different days of the week, different months of the year, and different liturgical seasons. Features sections devoted to the Mass, the Psalms, and prayers to Our Blessed Mother St. Joseph, and Patron Saints. Blue, flexible cover.

Item Code: 50052

$ 8.95 CDN

Catholic Book of Prayers - Large Print

This popular prayer book contains many favorite prayers for every the Blessed Trinity, to Mary, and to the Saints. It also includes an informative summary of our Faith. This volume is designed especially for Catholic adults and those with limited vision. This book is hard cover in green imitation leather. 256 pages.

Item Code: 50053

$ 17.95 CDN

Treasured Catholic Prayers

The title says it all! This 4" x 6" paperback features novenas, chaplets, saints to a variety of saints, prayers for drivers, police officers and so many more. Of course, the traditional prayers, such as, the Our Father, Hail Mary the 23rd Psalm, the Apostles Creed (and more!) are also included. Beautiful classic images of the saints are throughout the book and serve as a beautiful meditation on their own.

Item Code: 50034

$ 6.95 CDN

The Compact Catholic Prayer Book

From The Word Among Us Press, this updated edition of The Compact Catholic Prayer Book includes the new translation of prayers used at Mass. The Compact Catholic Prayer Book combines the traditional prayers of the Catholic faith with newly written prayers for contemporary concerns, such as the conversion of terrorists and victims of cancer and AIDS. Catholics will use this handy treasury of prayers each day to pray the blessings of morning, noon, and evening and to recite the short, one-sentence "prayers on the run" for busy times. Another section features prayers for special needs, among them prayers for sick children, engaged couples, or those near death. Prayers to Mary and the saints, prayers written by saints, and classic devotions such as the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary are also part of this book, along with all four Eucharistic Prayers and prayers to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing.

Just the right size for purse, pocket, brief case, or glove compartment and an ideal gift for RCIA candidates!

Item Code: 50200

$ 14.50 CDN

Key of Heaven (Book)

The book of prayers is easy to use due, in part, to the extra large, red and black text. It contains The Order of Mass, 4 Eucharistic prayers, the Marriage Mass & Rite, the Sacraments, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, devotions to the Blessed Mother and to many Saints, Confession and Communion and the Thirty Days' Prayer as well as many Litanies, Acts and The Way of the Cross. Thirteen popular nine-day novenas complete the book. Soil resistant, durable vinyl cover. 448 pages. Size 3 1/2" x 5 1/2 ".

Item Code: 50232

$ 17.95 CDN

The Imitation of Christ (Book)

This is a hard-cover pocket edition of The Imitation of Christ. Refer to product #50050 for Favourite Prayers from The Imitation of Christ.

Item Code: 50306

$ 12.95 CDN

Aquinas - Meditations Day by Day

From Angelus Press, this beautiful tome with inspire you and help develop your faith on a daily basis with the thoughts and inspirations of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Hard-cover.

Item Code: 50244

$ 29.95 CDN

Manual of Catholic Devotions-Large Print

This gift edition of the Manula of Catholic Devotions is in large print for easy reading. The beautiful brown leather-look cover has cold lettering on it. The pages are also edged in gold. Included are prayers for morning and evening, Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, St. Joseph, Mary, the Sacred Heart, and the Way of the Cross, plus more!

Item Code: 50409

$ 18.95 CDN

All Day with God

Prayer is an essential part of our everyday lives and helps keep us focused on our relationship with God. Jesus calls us to pray always and to abide in Him. This distinctly Catholic 96-page book from Aquinas Press offers timeless and contemporary prayers framed with sacred art to inspire and renew readers dedicated to living by the spirit of their faith. Includes traditional Catholic prayers, the Order of the Mass, Novenas, Litanies, Prayers for every day of the week and Scripture readings. May you enjoy a deepening love as you commune all day, every day, with God! Paperback. 96 pages. 4" x 6".

Item Code: 50538

$ 6.95 CDN

Father's Manual

FINALLY, we have more of these beautifully illustrated and meaningful books! Features Counsels, Maxims and a Rule of Life, Morning and Evening Prayers, Daily Prayers, Litanies, Novenas, Family Prayers, the Mysteries of the Rosary and more! Paperback; 96 pages; 4" x 6".

Item Code: 10332

$ 6.95 CDN

A Year with the Angels by Mike Aquilina

Popular Catholic author, Mike Aquilina, presents a new volume of contemplations and prayers about those mysterious of all created beings: the Angels. Drawing from the deep well of the Church Fathers' wisdom, Aquilina has compiled a year's worth of reflections on the Nine Choirs of Angels. This book will help you learn to appreciate our unique relationship with the Angels, especially those Angels assigned to protect us during this life on earth. What better protectors and intercessors could we ask for than the first of all creatures who have beheld the Face of God from their very beginning? This beautiful volume is perfectly bound in a rich dual tone leather-like cover, with deep embossing, gold edges, and a ribbon marker. Published by Saint Benedict Press; measures approximately 6" x 8-1/2".

Item Code: 50688

$ 42.95 CDN

Catholic Prayers

This little Catholic prayerbook contains over 100 Traditional Catholic prayers and is comprised of 4 sections: Part I contains the common prayers every Catholic should know by heart; Part II contains over 25 especially powerful prayers to: Our lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Jude, St. Philomena, St. Anthony, etc.; Part III contains miscellaneous favorite prayers, such as the Morning Offering, Prayers to Our Lady, to St. Joseph for Purity, to overcome a bad habit, for grace, the Te Deum, Consecration to the Holy Ghost, etc.; Part IV contains various other "favorite" prayers, such as for a happy death, the choice of a state of life, for priests, Fatima Prayers, for safe delivery of a baby, for the dying, for the dead, for the Poor Souls, etc. Published by TAN; soft cover; measures 4" x 6"; 128 pages.

Item Code: 50691

$ 8.00 CDN

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

St. Joseph obtains favors of any kind, but particularly those with regard to family problems, financial needs, purity, dangers, work, housing, and a happy death. This book contains all the famous prayers: Novena for a Special Favor, Litany, 30 Days' Prayer, Memorare, for Purity, Conversion, a Happy Death, etc. Soft cover; published by TAN; 4"x 6"; 73 pages.

Item Code: 50692

$ 5.95 CDN

Treasury of Litanies

This soft-covered book is full of Catholic litanies for all situations and purposes. There are nice colour pictures of Saints and other reflective scenes throughout. It includes 36 litanies. Examples include various litanies to Our Lady, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, numerous Saints, for the faithful departed, and for humility. 4" x 6"; 97 pages. Published by Aquinas Press.

Item Code: 50426

$ 8.95 CDN

Thirty-Day Devotions for the Holy Souls

The months following the death of a loved one are an especially difficult time. Thirty-Day Devotions for the Holy Souls offers comfort to those who are grieving and gives them a personal and powerful method of praying for their departed family member or friend. For each of 30 days, there are prayers and meditations that console the one who mourns and assist the one who has died, scripture passages, reflections from Saints, and answers to commonly-asked questions about Purgatory. Softcover, 160 pages, 5-1/2" x 4".

Item Code: 50286

$ 7.95 CDN

St. Philomena Prayer Book

This prayer book is part of a new series from Aquinas Press® - books that are inspired by treasured pre-Vatican II books and tracts. Editors searched for meaningful texts and then updated them, revising theology, liturgy, Scripture and language as appropriate and adding full-color illustrations, while keeping the original spirituality of the book intact. Soft cover; 48 pages; measures 3" x 5". A "must" for those with a devotion to this special Saint or those who wish to ask for her intercession.

Item Code: 50847

$ 2.50 CDN

St. Joseph Daily Prayer Book

This soft-covered book has prayers for each day of the week and for morning and evening. It also includes special prayers for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. It includes prayers to Mary and reflections from various saints. 6" x 4"; 256 pages.

Item Code: 50944

$ 7.95 CDN

My Daily Prayer Companion

This pocket-sized book is easily carried and will serve to connect you with God through praise and contrition. This Augustine Book includes morning and evening prayers, the rosary, preparation for Confession, and beloved Catholic prayers such as the Angelus and Litanies. Soft laminated cover; 48 pages; 5" x 3".

Item Code: 50974

$ 3.25 CDN

Key to the Kingdom, Large Print Edition

With its large print, this classic book of Catholic prayers and devotions is great for young and old readers. The pocket size means this book is easily transported. 334 pages; 5-1/2" x 3-1/4".

Item Code: 51194

$ 9.95 CDN

Prayer Book for Widows

The author, Kay Cozad and her husband, Trent, were in their early 30s, had been married eight years, and had two pre-school daughters when he was killed in a car accident in 1990. Written by a widow for widows, this prayer book is not like any others. Prayers center on the real emotions and real situations a widow faces. A powerful resource for grief ministers, family members, and friends. Hardcover.

Item Code: 51249

$ 9.95 CDN

Discovering Your Light - A Workbook

This workbook provides an opportunity for young adults to reflect individually or in a group about the common challenges and journeys of those in their twenties and thirties. It is a vehicle wherein young adults can ponder their own experience and become more comfortable with the challenges facing them. Size: 64 pages, 8½" x 11". Regular price: $3.99.

Item Code: 50054

$ 1.99 CDN

Red & White Portfolio with Cross

Keep thoughts of Our Lord close by using this portfolio during your work day or at home. Measuring 9" x 6", it's a perfect size! The red background with white polka dots make it fashionable while the black cross on the front reminds you of Him.

Item Code: 50277

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