Fontanini Musical Nativity

This heirloom Fontanini musical nativity is comprised of stunning life-like features that you will cherish displaying year after year. Celebrate the beauty and wonder of Christ's birth with this wind-up musical that will easily become a family favorite. Plays the musical tune "O Holy Night." Fontanini products help us continue time-honored traditions with collectibles that will last a lifetime. 6" x 8" x 3-1/4". Resin.

Item Code: 70535

$ 64.95 CDN

10 Piece Nativity Set

This lovely 10 piece nativity set comes complete with an arched backdrop. Set includes the Holy Family, the Wise Men, angel, donkey, cow, shepherd, and background stand. The figures have a wood-carved-look but are not overly rustic.

Item Code: 70564

$ 179.95 CDN

Child's Nativity Set

This adorable set looks like a child's Christmas pageant. The pieces have a wood-carved-look and nice colours with child-like faces. Set includes the Holy Family, Wise Men, angel, donkey, camel, sheep, and the backdrop with star. 2" in height.

Item Code: 70565

$ 44.95 CDN

11 Piece Nativity Set

Here's a cute nativity set in which the figures have a darker skin colour than the more common Caucasian images. There are 11 pieces in this set and they measures between 4" and 5-1/2". Made of porcelain, it has lovely detail and rich colours. A great set to engage youngsters in the Christmas story.

Item Code: 70424

$ 26.95 CDN

10-Piece Children's Nativity Set

This resin set is intended for small hands with the tallest measuring 3-1/4" in height. Pretty and rich colours are sure to engage youngsters in the Christmas story. The 11 piece set consists of child-like images of the Holy Family, Wise Men, Angel, Shepherd, donkey, and cow. It's compact size make it easy to story when the Christmas season is over. Please note that the photo also shows a separate lamb figure that is not included in this set.

Item Code: 70199

$ 24.95 CDN

11-Piece Miniature Nativity Set

Although small, each of the 11 pieces is done in full colour with nice detailing. The tallest piece is 2" in height. The set is made of resin and consists of the Holy Family, Wise Men, an angel, a shepherd boy, and 3 animals. Poses a choking hazard for small children.

Item Code: 70530

$ 18.95 CDN

Nativity Crown

From Roman Studios, this piece is flat so will fit in many spaces. The colour images of the Holy Family and Wise Men are set against a crown-shaped background. This is a great work of art for prayerful reflection. Measures 10" high.

Item Code: 70496

$ 36.95 CDN

LED-Lit Nativity Figure

This is a lovely piece from Roman Studios that is especially great if you're short on space of what an all-in-one Nativity. Gold-leaf is used to highlight the designs on the figures. This 8" piece figure has an LED backlight so it can be displayed after the sun goes down. Nice colouring and clarity of figures.

Item Code: 70539

$ 56.95 CDN

Laser-Cut Nativity with Light

This Nativity figure sets a lovely, peaceful mood. Laser-cut from wood, the detailing is nice showing the Holy Family under an archway. The light allows you to display it in the evenings. 11" in height. For tabletop display.

Item Code: 70563

$ 42.95 CDN

9 Piece Nativity Nesting Box

These whimsical nesting dolls make for a unique representation of the Nativity. Adults and children alike will enjoy stacking these figures inside each other, and taking them out again. Everyone will look forward to the family tradition of putting these out every Christmas. The tallest figure stands 6". Made of resin and dolomite.

Item Code: 70580

$ 128.26 CDN

Nativity Christmas Tree

Here is a unique Nativity ornament, in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Each piece is lovingly created to celebrate the reason for the Christmas season - Christ in our midst. Gift Boxed.

Material: stone/resin Size: 20.5" H

Item Code: 70583

$ 85.73 CDN